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The Reads: Brandon Ubel - The Spirit of Nebraska

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Brandon Ubel pulled it together at the end of a tough game and willed Nebraska to victory. Isn't that what you want out of any Husker athlete?

David McGee

There isn't a whole lot of news coming out of spring practice, but there's plenty going on otherwise.

The Husker women's basketball team will take on Iowa in the Big Ten Basketball Tournament this morning at 11:30 am. The game will be on BTN.

Badger Bits: Montee Ball, as Good as He Ever Was - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Montee Ball improved his 40 time at Wisconsin's Pro Day on Wednesday. His draft stock reportedly got a major boost as a result. It shouldn't have. He's as good as he ever was.

I hate the idea that Wisconsin beat us so badly, but Montee Ball is still a class act.

Big plays: A follow-up - Football Study Hall

A follow-up on the 114 big plays charted that did not finish in the end zone.

Larry Eustachy Taunted by Wyoming Fans with "Alcoholic!"

Larry Eustachy’s success as Colorado State this season comes exactly one decade after he resigned in disgrace from Iowa State. During the Rams’ road game at Wyoming on Wednesday, Cowboy student fans cruelly reminded Eustachy why he was forced out of Ames with chants of "Al-co-hol-ic!"

What a bunch of morons. I'm not a big Eustachy fan, but anybody who figures out what they're doing wrong and corrects it, then rebuilds themselves deserves better than this. Nice job, Wyoming. Way to lose, too.

Weekend Preview from 36,000 Feet. Hope I don’t Skyfall. " College Baseball Today

There are a couple of important Big Ten baseball series this weekend (Huskers aside) as Illinois travels to Baylor and Indiana takes on Florida. Ohio State matches up with perennial good team Coastal Carolina. We could find out a lot more about the teams in the Big Ten after this weekend. Let's hope the conference fairs well. Even Ohio State.

Rex lowers his 40 time at NU pro day |
Burkhead was disappointed in his clocking of 4.73 seconds at the NFL Combine last month. On Thursday, he lowered that mark into the 4.5s.

Ubel shines in last Devaney game in NU victory - Daily Nebraskan: Sports

"We knew last time out against these guys they kind of punked us," Ubel said. "We kept with the mindset that, that wasn’t going to happen again. We needed someone to step up and make plays and I wanted the ball in those situations."

Is there anybody who symbolizes what Nebraska wants from an athlete any more than Brandon Ubel?

Here's a guy who's done everything he's been asked under two coaches. He's worked hard and molded himself into a pretty decent Division I basketball player, and when you see a guy like that you tend to believe anything can happen. You'd like to think that Ubel's last home game as a Nebraska basketball player is an omen for good things to come under Tim Miles, that years from now when we see our team going to the postseason on a regular basis and winning games in the NCAA tourney that we think of him as the guy with the toughness and spirit that provided a cornerstone for what Nebraska basketball has the potential to become.

We still have the chance to sweep Iowa. I don't know about you, but if that happens, I'm going to consider Tim Miles' first season (and subsequently Brandon Ubel's last) at Nebraska a raving success.