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De-Tasselng The Huskers, Episode 19: Baseball Streaking, The Bob Is Closed, Spring Gimmicks

Greg and Brian save your Thursday with another DtH.

Fare thee well, Seniors.
Fare thee well, Seniors.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Greg and Brian wish the best to the Bob Devaney Center. The Nebraska Baseball team managed to win a game or four, but would a change of scenery be best for Nebraseball? Alcohol and the NCAA...shaken, stirred, or separate? Also...what's Bo Pelini's favorite power ranger? No one knows for sure, but Greg has an idea.

Now, as always, you can ask either Greg or I any question you want for the podcast. Get a hold of either Greg (@thehooch36) or me (@btbowling) and your question can be discussed on Detasseling the Huskers.

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