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Nebraska Huskers: Ranking the Harlem Shakes

*Sits quietly at a desk, typing out an outline, responding to tweets, updating Facebo-* "AHDOTHEHARLEMSHAKE!"

Love or HATE the Harlem Shake - a middle ground seems small, if existent - Huskers everywhere are getting in on the act.

I'm sure that everyone at Corn Nation would love to get together and do our own version with Editor/Commander in Chief Jon Johnston leading the way, but grading the submitted Husker Shakes seemed

No. 4:

*throws flag* Obvious setup of Shake. 15 yard penalty, loss of down. You do not ask for music, the music comes to you, scrub.

The remainder past the 46-second mark easily blows any athleticism I, and likely 99 percent of its viewership, have ever expelled in our lives out of the water. It also illustrates the painful side effects of Axe body spray.

No. 3:

I appreciate passionate athletes, nay, I LOVE passionate athletes. Yeah, the women roundballers are about to Shake, but we're not getting a set up. She is staring into our very souls, and demanding attention for the epic demonstration that's about to be thrown down.

I'm not sure how I feel about the seizure that follows, however the amazing balance held by Sir Mix-a-Lot's dream girl shoots this Shake to the three spot.

No. 2:

The one that started it all for the Big Red. It's Herbie's job to be the lovable oaf that occasionally scares small children. Pretty sure I've seen those faces after a close upset attempt fall short over the years. Then BAA-DOW!

Nebraska basketball is part of viral media history and in the middle of it is head coach Tim Miles. Just standing there. Like a boss.

No. 1:

Before you scream "copout!" and "Cobby did this already!," I'll readily admit I've watched a number of these things. They crack me up when properly executed and among the most massive, Bo's bunch put together one of the most disciplined large-scale Shake I've seen.

Could you not see Jamal Turner taking off early (bless his heart)? The trademark toss of the hat? Exactly what you'd expect, but far too many Shakes sputter out. Instead, Bo snags his lid and practice resumes with checks being made.

I honestly want to know if everyone kept a straight face while Turner was flailing around as if he had fire ants in his jock strap.

Let's run down the list of must-haves of any premiere Shake:

- Rowboat: Check
- Shirtless guy in Lucha mask: Check (standing next to Bo, oddly enough)
- At least one member in full costume: Check

Gotta give extra points for creative use of equipment. That's got to be some kind of tax break, right?

There you have it. The Husker Shakes in all their ranked (or rank) glory. I encourage all Nebraska athletic squads to get in on this.

Never mind that warning message from Chancellor Perlman. Dry humor.