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The Reads: Just Say "No" To Fall Baseball And "Yes" To A July CWS

A proposal to split baseball between fall and spring, Harvey "Swagger" Perlman could be a thing, and it'd be soo soo nice to sweep Iowa in basketball.

Tim Miles contemplates fall baseball...
Tim Miles contemplates fall baseball...

TAKE THAT NORTHWESTERN! And Harvey's right, YOLO is a stupid phrase.

Leaked Memo: How Texas Tech Could Craft The Image Of Its New Coach And Become "The Hippest School In The Game"

Get Kingsbury a professional stylist, specifically Fred Segal, who has apparently styled "Micheal" Jackson, Brad Pitt, Madonna, Ashley Olson, Bruce Willis, The Beatles, Carrie Underwood, and Adam Lambert. "The list goes on," boasts Spieglberg.

Put Harvey Perlman's youtube videos up against the vision that a clothing store owner comes up with and have yourself a good laugh.

THEN STEAL ALL THEIR IDEAS. Harvey "Swagger" Perlman. Harvey "GQ" Perlman. Harvey "Hollywood" Perlman. Hmmmm..... "Swagger" might work, but the other ones, egad.

Huskers Ranked Ninth in Preseason Poll - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

In Sand Volleyball.

Wisconsin's Gary Andersen fires parting shot at former assistant -

New Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen ran into a problem last week, as his new tight end coach, Jay Boulware, decided to up and leave the Badgers for Oklahoma after only two months in Madison. Boulware weren't happy much.

Sunshine-pumping notes from every college football spring practice report -

When one season ends, another begins. In the life cycle of college football, the spring is for new beginnings and fresh starts. And every team is a national champion until it isn't.

Like everyone else, I like spring football. Unlike everyone else, I also hate spring football. Every year it's the same sunshine-pumping goo and this article includes it all in one shot.

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2013 Spring Football Preview |

Defensive Weakness: The front seven. The Cornhuskers have a lot of work to do this spring on the defensive line and in the linebacking corps, as end Jason Ankrah is the only returning starter in the front seven. Nebraska has some promising talent on the roster, but how quickly can the line and linebacking corps jell this spring?

There's not really a lot new here.... okay, there's nothing new here, which is why you're better off purchasing a yearbook from Hail Varsity that's in depth on the Huskers when the season rolls around.

New responsibility for Ankrah on NU defensive line |

"Right when we finished playing Georgia (in the Capital One Bowl), I already knew," Ankrah said. "Me and Thad are the only seniors, and Thad is not in spring ball. So I’m the one who has to step up, bring the young guys with me, but also make the older guys step up as well."

An interview with Sam McGaw, accidental Les Miles rumor amplifier -

If you're a college football fan, you heard the absurd and baseless and immediately debunked rumor Saturday night about Les Miles approaching the end of his time at LSU due to alleged illicit behavior. It sprang from a rival message board, caught fire on Twitter and died once Football Scoop's Scott Roussel and CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman made good and sure there was nothing to it.

    Read this. It's a pretty good lesson on why Twitter is a cesspool where you have to have the common sense to separate fact from fiction. News breaks on twitter, sure, but so does an enormous amount of bullshit. If you took the spammers and marketers out, the signal to noise ratio is still pretty darned high.

    NCAA lifts ban that limited reporters' in-game tweets | The Verge

    The NCAA has backtracked on a rule that restricted the number of updates reporters were allowed to post to social media during postseason events.

    Hey! Something the NCAA did makes sense!

    2013 Big Ten Tournament: Final Week Scenarios - Hammer and Rails

    Nebraska can go no higher than the 10. They have to host Minnesota before going to Iowa, however. Both teams are looking to solidify at large profiles and get to 9-9 in the league so they have a lot to play for. If Nebraska loses both and Northwestern beats Penn State the Cornhuskers slip to No. 11.

    I would really really like it if Nebrasketball finished 10th. My original hope for the season was that we'd finish ahead of both Iowa and Penn State. We could finish ahead of Northwestern and Penn State, but we still have a shot at sweeping Iowa, and that would be sweeeeet.

    Revenge of the Ballers: Why Football Isn’t Everything in Conference Realignment | FRANK THE TANK'S SLANT

    To the extent that it was already clear, the maxim was set in stone: "Football is everything in conference realignment." Discussions about basketball value went by the wayside over the past couple of years as conference realignment discussions focused intensely upon how to maximize football dollars.

    Now, to be sure, much of this made (and still makes) sense for the power conferences. First tier TV contracts for college football dwarf those for college basketball while the top conferences (via the bowl system) are able to funnel postseason football money directly to their own coffers instead of having to deal with the NCAA for basketball postseason dollars.

    Does basketball count? It sure as hell does. Can Nebraska become a basketball school?

    If you answer "no", I'd like you to consider that Nebraska really wasn't a "baseball school" until Haymarket Park and Dave Van Horn came along. Bill Byrne, the AD that Husker fans love to hate made the right hire and Nebraska built a winning baseball team, and it's from that point that Nebraskans have come to expect a winning baseball team.

    Why can't the same happen for basketball?

    B10 trial balloon: Fall baseball games that count - Yahoo! Sports

    The Big Ten is measuring support for a proposal that would give baseball teams the option of playing non-conference games in the fall that would count toward determining the NCAA tournament field the following spring.

Purdue's head baseball coach Doug Schreiber came up with the idea that college baseball could move some of the non-conference games to the fall and they would count toward the spring season.
There is no agreement on the maximum number of fall games. Schreiber suggests teams be allowed to practice 24 times beginning in late August and then have the option to play up to 14 games from mid-September to late October. A team that plays 14 games in the fall would have a maximum of 42 to play the following spring.
It's not a crazy idea, but it'll never get accepted by the Southern and Western teams. They're not going to give up their competitive advantage. They don't give a damn that the playing field isn't level.

This just isn't about getting into the NCAA tourney. It's about revenue as well. Northern schools spend a massive amount of dollars flying their teams around the first few weeks of the season and the way baseball is now, their season is limited in the number of home games they can have. That means fewer fans in the seats, and it also makes it hard to justify spending a lot on facilities when you're only going to have 14 or 16 home games.

My solution - move the start of baseball season to the beginning of March and move the College World Series to July. Unfortunately, that'll never be accepted either. For one, CWS fans would freak out because "OMG JUNE IN OMAHA". Next, it'd eliminate the chance for college baseball players to play in summer leagues such as the Cape Cod League.

If they won't happen, why propose either of them? Because you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.