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Nebraska Spring Football Game Weather Forecast Looking Pleasant

Precipitation isn't expected, according to the three weather services I've checked.

Eric Francis

The first weather forecasts for Nebraska's spring game are now out, and while they all vary, they all look fairly pleasant. None of the forecasts call for anything like last year, when heavy thundershowers led to the cancellation of the game. Nebraska might have been able to squeeze the game in with multiple delays, but considering that this is a rather meaningless exhibition game, there wasn't much point in trying to play last year.

This year's game is scheduled a week earlier than usual to allow more high school players to attend; April 13th is one of seven dates that the ACT is offered this year. Juniors are recommended to take the test in the spring, so if they need to brush up and retake anything, they can take care of that in the summertime. It was a smart move by Nebraska to move the game away from the 13th to make it more accessible to prospects.

Last weekend, snow fell across much of Nebraska, and some snow could fall again later this weekend. What about next weekend? The good news is that precipitation isn't expected, according to the three weather services I've checked.

Weather Underground: Cloudy, perhaps some fog. 0% chance of precipitation. Temperatures near 48. Winds out of the East-Southeast at 4 mph.

AccuWeather: Cloudy, 12% chance of precipitation. Afternoon high near 66. Winds out of the East-Northeast at 7 mph.

Weather Channel: Mostly Cloudy, 0% chance of precipitation. Afternoon high near 62. Winds out of the East-Southesat at 14 mph.

All of these forecasts look pretty good, all things considered. So who's in for the spring game?