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Nebraska Huskers News: Wednesday's Corn Flakes

Women's sports poll results, recruiting news, Big Red volleyball and more!


Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • It's been determined by popular vote that we here at Corn Nation will refer to female Big Red sports as "Husker women" (Women's Nebrasketball, etc.). The system works!
  • ICYMI: Nebraska's defensive line needs to pack on some pounds for there to not be a repeat of 2012's ground gashing. [Corn Nation]
  • Junior day invite!

  • He's talking about this guy.
  • Hoss offer!

  • That's Floridian offensive guard Josh Allen. [Quick stats]
  • Nebrasketball recruiting!

  • Big Red volleyball starts its spring schedule this Saturday. []
  • Nebraska softball's not doing too poorly.

  • Speaking of which, don't forget to catch a free (FREE!) softball game between Nebraska and UNO this evening. First pitch is scheduled for 5 PM at Bowlin Stadium. [More info]
  • The No. 1-ranked women's bowling team will find out what they'll be doing this post-season today at 3 PM Central. [] If you're in Lincoln, stop by and watch with them in the East Campus bowling lanes. If not, tune in and peep the selection show here.