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Nebraska Huskers: Saturday's Corn Flakes

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Baseball bats catch fire, softball's not interested in Northwestern's efforts and ooooooo pretty!

Brandon Cavanaugh

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • ICYMI: The Big Board made its triumphant return to cram some football into your basketball.
  • The baseballers' bats came alive notching 16 hits en route to a 9-5 win in their Big Ten opener against Illinois (RPI 25). [] They'll be playing a doubleheader today due to potential unfriendly weather rolling into Champaign come Sunday.
  • The No. 20 Big Red softball team was in no mood to be trifled with, knocking off Northwestern two times in a row. [Game One/Game Two]
  • No. 4 Southern California and No. 5 Hawaii managed to squeak by the sand volleyball crew with both matches ending 3-2. []
  • A heap of quotes from the Lady Nebrasketballers' first day at the women's NCAA tourney. []
  • Husker sophomore wrestler Robert Kokesh earned All-American honors and Senior Josh Ihnen became the 21st Husker to earn win No. 100. []
  • If you're an Omaha native, you may be starting your day the Dunkin' Way soon thanks to former Huskers Kris Brown and Zach Wiegert. A spot at 144th and Pacific has been targeted.
  • A pretty picture to fade out with: