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Nebraska Huskers: Thursday's Corn Flakes

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What Taylor Martinez did on his spring break, sand volleyball shines in the sun, softball trades knock down blows and more.

Eric Francis

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • Yeah...that happened.
  • The No. 9 sand volleyball crew has their best day in...ever? Wins over Irvine Valley and Loyola Marymount, both 5-0. []
  • After getting clocked and dealt a 13-0 loss in game one, the No. 20 Big Red softball club made the North Dakota State Bison plead for mercy with an 11-0 pummeling. [Game One/Game Two] [LJS]
  • Tim Miles slings and offer to Rivals150 four-star forward Zylan Cheatham [$]; says next year's team has the talent, but needs to prove itself. [Rapid City Journal/LJS]
  • Apparently the Lady Nebrasketballers aren't playing Chatanooga after all. Good luck to whoever this is.
  • After the correction's made, here's your coverage map for the Mocs-Huskers game.
  • Have you signed up for Corn Nation's Bracket Challenge? Is it before 11 AM Central?! Quick! Quick! Like a bunny! There's even a special prize courtesy of CN. If it's past 11, we love you anyway.
  • Former Husker Steve Warren's D.R.E.A.M. project is back!
Big Steve and his fellow Husker brethren are close to their fundraising goal this year, and even a buck or two would help out this more than worthy cause. Check out the option to donate and if you're in or around the Omaha/Elkhorn area, join the Big Red Balaton bowl at Sempeck’s Bowling and Entertainment on April 5 (more info at D.R.E.A.M.'s site..