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Nebraska Huskers: Wednesday's Corn Flakes

A thrilling comeback win, Tim Miles has a vision, Bo Pelini's message for Huskers on spring break and so much more.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • ICYMI: Our own Jon Johnston shows how Nebraska's headed back to the future.
  • The softball squad enjoyed a thrilling comeback victory over UNO thanks to Mattie Fowler. [] [LJS] [1011]
  • Following the sand volleyballers' first win in...ever, the No. 9 Huskers fall to No. 2 Long Beach State. No worries. False Sense of Security Defense® always wins in the end as far as you know. [1011]
  • Nebraska baseball comes up just short to No. 8 Cal State-Fullerton 8-7 in a back-and-forth matchup that spilled into 11 innings.
  • Tim Miles needs YOU!
  • Bo Pelini's crew is taking a break along with the students, but he warns they'd best not come back too rustyLJS]
  • Regardless of how her season ends, Lady Nebrasketballer Jordan Hooper was named to the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association All-Region 6 team for a second straight year. [GI]
  • Looking to snag season tickets for Nebraska football? You could get them. No seriously. Join the wait list and enjoy an awesome video while you're doing so.
  • Reddit user BuddyLumpkin saw The Fro and knew where to go.
  • Have you signed up for Corn Nation's Bracket Challenge? Quick! Quick! Like a bunny! There's even a special prize courtesy of CN.