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Nebraska Spring Football 2013: The Stanton Chronicle Begins

Johnny Tebow, Johnny Football 2.0, JS4 or just Johnny Stanton. However you refer to Nebraska's newest signal caller, he's been getting hardcore press in and out of Big Red country for over a year now.

As the Huskers begin their spring football session rather early (the Indiana Hoosiers being the only member of the Big Ten that matches their head start), Stanton has work of his own to do before he heads to Lincoln, NE to officially become a member of the Nebraska family.

He can take solace that the pinball machine pace of the 2013 recruiting cycle is over, but he knows there's still work to be done.

In collaboration with Stanton, Corn Nation will be bringing you The Stanton Chronicle.

Every month we'll check in with him to see how he's developing and getting his thoughts on the transition from recruit to FBS athlete.

Since today is the start of spring football, let's kick The Stanton Chronicle off in style.

CN: Spring practice starts today for your teammates. Did Nebraska’s coaches send any homework your way?

JS: Yes, actually I got a basic playbook two weeks ago that will be added on to over the spring. They also gave me a workout plan and an introduction to the workout schedule for when I get there.

CN: You picked/ended up with No. 5. Any particular reason for this?

JS: I really like the number five and I’ll come to take ownership of it. I was number four all the way through high school because my grandfather flew an F4U Corsair in World War II. But I know that I’ll find a way to love my new number!

CN: Coincidentally, fellow quarterback Tommy Armstrong currently wears a No. 4 jersey. Is there a competition brewing? Trick shot? Horse?

JS: Probably not. Tommy has the seniority and was able to get number four first. I know that he wants number 10 but since Jamal Turner has number 10, he’s sticking with number four. Maybe if neither of us feels too attached to our numbers when 10 opens up he’d be willing to change but until then, I’m five.

CN: Since this is the beginning of the series, what aspects of your game will you be working on between now and April? (Accuracy, pocket presence, lateral movement, etc.)

JS: I’ll be working at physical therapy for another month and when I’m released I’ll be open to throw and work a lot more. But for a little while I’ve probably been working most on my accuracy and mechanics. I can always improve on all parts of my game, though.

CN: From a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, rank your game where it is right now versus where you think it can be once you arrive in the fall.

JS: Probably a 6.5. I feel strong and fairly mobile, but I still have a lot of rust to shake off and only recently have I been able to really open up my workouts to running and cutting. I need to work on my cardio most and when I get a lot of my timing and accuracy down, I’ll be able to make that number bigger.

CN: What can Husker fans expect from you over the summer using only three words?

JS: Toughness, commitment and heart.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for the next edition of The Stanton Chronicles. If you have a question you'd like to submit for Johnny, leave them below.