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Nebraska Has Always Been Big Ten "West"

The Big Ten will be changing divisional assignments when Rutgers and Maryland join the conference, meaning a split more aligned with geography. It's the East vs West.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's Big Ten Blog, specifically that Adam Rittenberg fellow, has provided an update on what will happen with Big Ten divisional alignment once Maryland and Rutgers join the conference.

It seems that the debate has come down to whether or not Purdue or Indiana will be in the east or West:




Michigan State

Ohio State

Penn State


Purdue or Indiana








Purdue or Indiana

Rittenberg uses the terms "East" and "West" to describe the divisions, which is kind of funny because that's what we always named them, knowing full well that the Big Ten would some day get past this silliness with those other names that we'll forget now rather than bothering mentioning because they should have been dead on arrival in the first place.

And look! They've rebuilt the Big 12 North with Wisconsin playing the part of Missouri/Kansas State/Colorado when each of those teams was good!!!! Nebraska fans ought to be happy with this arrangement as it means Nebraska and Wisconsin will meet on a yearly basis. More beer, brats and cheese all around!

As it stands right now the divisional split is lopsided with more power in the east as you've got Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State (who won't be knocked down as far as many would believe).

The west has Nebraska and Wisconsin and.... yeah.

I would have liked to see Nebraska play Michigan every year somehow. Michigan is just one of those programs with an incredibly rich tradition, a long history of excellence, and, well, hell, I still like their helmets.

As far as Purdue or Indiana being added to Nebraska's division, I'll take Purdue. I have no real reason as to why. Neither of those schools care all that much about football, and it's doubtful that they'll ever care enough to become perennially good in the sport.

I know the next thing on your mind.

Will the Big Ten change the Thanksgiving match up so that Nebraska and Wisconsin can meet in an annual rivalry game?

The answer is no, they won't do that, even if both Husker and Badgers fans would want it, even if the nation would like to see it. They won't do it because, well, if they did, wouldn't everyone forget about Iowa?