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Nebraska Huskers: Tuesday's Corn Flakes

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Seeds! Something Nebraskans know plenty about, the dangerous plastic cup, Martinez's fun in the sun, the evolution of the fullback and more.


Your balanced breakfast of Huskerdom:

  • While the men's Nebrasketball team called it a season, the women roundballers are headed to College Station, TX as the No. 6 seed in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. They'll be taking on the No. 11 seed Chatanooga Mocs. [] [LJS], [1011]
  • A plastic cup may hold enough luck to end the Huskers' postseason run [TimesFreePress]
  • The last time Nebraska met the Mocs...things didn't go so well for 'Nooga
  • The Big Ten Women's Gymnastics Championship will feature a No. 2 seeded Big Red team littered with five All-Big Ten honorees. [WOWT]
  • Taylor Martinez is having fun in the sun gun-slinging with fellow signal-callers at Steve Calhoun's Armed and Dangerous camp
  • The No. 6 women's tennis team's also out in Cali, but had a rough go, being upset by hometown San Diego. [LJS]
  • It's GAME DAY for NU softball! Trotting down I-80 to challenge the No. 21 Huskers are the UNO Mavericks and we've got your preview right here.
  • While fullbacks C.J. Zimmerer and Andy Janovich are clashing for the starting role, Ron Brown adds some philosophy about the position's evolution. [Rapid City Journal]
  • Faux Pelini released his Bracket of Bo unto the world. Watch out for the 15-2 upset of Harvey Perlman over "yelling"