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Regents Approve "Best Available" Agreement with Adidas for Husker Uniforms & Shoes

Regents approve a five year agreement for adidas to be the exclusive outfitter for Husker athletes and coaches.

Three Stripes It Is!
Three Stripes It Is!
Miguel Villagran

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents approved a five year agreement for adidas to supply the Husker athletic department with apparel. Over five years, adidas will provide $7.5 million in products and $8.03 million in cash to Nebraska in exchange for wearing the three stripes on the court and on the field.

Fans will have mixed messages. Some hate adidas and hoped that Nebraska would move towards Nike. Others realized that adidas offered more - likely much more - than the swoosh.

And that likely was the deciding factor in this debate. Regent Bob Phares called it "the best thing that was available."

"We wanted to know if they had really researched and vetted the thing before they brought it to us, and it was obvious they had," Phares said. "We were comfortable."

In that case, Nebraska evaluated all of their options and picked the best deal available from a financial standpoint. Did Nebraska get the best equipment, though? That's open to argument. Certainly, some people find Nike's uniforms more attractive, though there are many that would disagree. And the shorter term duration indicates that Nebraska wanted to reopen this discussion sooner rather than later.

The result: we'll continue to disagree on this for another five years.


Barring collusion, this was clearly the right choice.