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Corn Flakes: Pain, Suffering, Horror And Glory

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There's a whole LOT going on in the game of college basketball - a collection of reactions from around the country.


I'm not going to tell you which is which, but I am going to tell you that I have never been as much of a basketball fan as I am right now. Tim Miles is part of that, but there's a lot more than just Tim Miles and Nebraska's win over Purdue here.

FSU 73, Clemson 69 - Tomahawk Nation

And then things got weird. And by 'weird', I mean John Waters Hairspray weird. First there was a call on Bookert which, based on my review of the play, wasn't even possible. Then there was the garbage flagrant call, but the refs were just getting started. They backed those up with a foul on Ian Miller on a 3-pt shooter which was clearly a clean block, and then they doubled up on him by calling yet another foul on the inbounds when Miller lept to catch the pass. Meanwhile, Clemson kept taking free possessions and turned an 11-point lead into a 2-point lead.

ACC Tourney Gamethread - Shakin The Southland

Wow, this is getting ridiculous. I think both sides are going to string the refs up after this one.

The Clemson reaction to the end of the game officiating.

Iowa St. Uses Second Half Comeback To Eliminate Oklahoma 73-66 - Crimson And Cream Machine

There is much speculation at what this game will do for the Big 12 and NCAA Tournament Berths. Iowa St. all but punched their ticket with a win while Oklahoma will sweat it out on Saturday. Fact remains there are not a ton of bid stealers.

Oklahoma loses to Iowa State, then hope that they can still get a bid to the Big Dance.

Iowa State Downs Oklahoma 73-66 In Big 12 Tournament - Wide Right & Natty Lite
The Cyclones didn't make it easy, but they overcame a double digit deficit in the final ten minutes to beat Oklahoma after losing to them by 17 points in Norman less than 2 weeks ago.

Win Or Go Home: (7) Texas Battles (2) Kansas State in Big 12 Tournament - Burnt Orange Nation

Texas football & men's basketball far below K-State Sad. Very sad. Thanks Mack, Rick, & DeLoss.

How 'bout some Texas angst?

Xavier falls to Saint Joseph's at the buzzer on missed layup -

Xavier couldn't finish off St. Joe's to move on in the Atlantic 10 conference tournament because the Musketeers missed a super-short layup.

Video: Charlotte scores 8 points in 4.7 seconds to beat Richmond -

How does a 63-60 lead with 4.7 seconds left to play turn into a 68-63 loss? Watch the video and find out.

Not much more comment I can make on this one than that - watch the video and find out.

The last shot: Earl Badu hit one of the most famous shots in Maryland basketball history. Ten years later, he jumped off a bridge. -

You’ve had family and friends die this way. Everybody you know seems to know somebody who’s committed suicide. But still it’s a conversation that eludes you. So you wonder why.

This is the sad story about the end of the life of Earl Badu, someone I had never heard of before this. It is worth your time.

The "I Didn't Even Watch This Thing And I Still Want To Break Things." VENT THREAD - The Daily Gopher


There is much angst in Minnesota.

Northwestern loses to Iowa in Big Ten Tournament, season over - Sippin' On Purple

The Wildcats were hapless from the field to start, and although Iowa didn't have the wherewithal to really push this one out of reach, the Cats never got comfortably close.

Not so much angst at Northwestern, but of course not, because they're still going to be your boss someday.

What My Mom and Her Friend Think of the B1G Basketball Coaches - Off Tackle Empire

My Mom and her friend watch a lot of Big Ten basketball. They have some hard-hitting opinions about the coaches that they'd like to share.

At least this one is funny as hell.

Huskers Advance to B1G Showdown With Buckeyes - Corn Nation

There are many things that have been improbable about this season for the Huskers. Not many expected them to find ten wins with this schedule. They got 15. Not many thought they could win two games in what turned out to be far and away the best conference in college basketball.

Hey, one about us! Oh, it's our own David McGee, who's a bit subtle (NOT) with a "I told you so".

Weekend Preview – Finally some games worth watching. " College Baseball Today

THE TOP 20 AND THEIR STRENGTHS OF SCHEDULE. This is always one of my favorite things to do each year. Here are the NBWCA’s Top 20 teams and how tough their schedules have been so far (according to Boyd Nation’s ISR rankings) as we head into conference play for many leagues.

If you're a college baseball fan and you don't know who Eric Sorenson is, you are missing out. The above quote is just a small snippet of the insight he provides all of the time.

Look, a Husker football story!

Jake Cotton's intensity could add punch to Husker line : Huskers

When asked for his favorite play, Cotton will tell you: Anything where I'm pulling. "I like getting out in space and showing my athleticism," he said, laughing. "If you can call it that."

Two things here:

- Try to actually make your blocks when you're pulling this year, Mr. Cotton.

- "Showing my athleticism", my ass. Guards love to pull because they love clobbering linebackers when they're not looking - they're always looking for the running back instead - and because linebackers always think they're hot shit, and guards are typically just guys doing work.

I hope Jake Cotton is every bit the nasty sonofabitch that they portray him as here. We need one on the offensive line.