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De-tasseling the Huskers, Episode 20: B1G Basketball, Silent Bats, And Sand Volleyball

Greg and Brian with the cutting edge of Nebraska sports in their voices... but not their music.

Greg has tortured his wife. We learn about that. Also, +1 for Scottsbluff (just because). Brian counts (no calculator required). The guys talk spring practice, Nebrasketball (taking on Purdue tonight in the B1G Tournament), baseball, and sand volleyball.

Now, we didn't have a question this week, and that upset Greg very much as you can tell. This podcast is for you, the fans. We love your questions and want to answer them here, so don't forget you can ask Greg or Brian about anything you wanna know Husker wise. Make sure to tweet Greg (@thehooch36) or Brian (@btbowling) and we can answer those questions for you here on the podcast.

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