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At 500/1 Odds, Nebraska, First you Gotta Believe

Nebraska is at 500/1 odds to win the Big Ten Tourney Title, but I believe in Tim Miles.

David McGee

Here's your odds for which Big Ten team will win the 2013 Big Ten Basketball Tournament, courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Odds to Win the Big Ten Post Season Tournament

Indiana 3/2

Ohio State 3/1

Michigan State 4/1

Michigan 5/1

Wisconsin 7/1

Minnesota 28/1

Iowa 30/1

Illinois 66/1

Purdue 75/1

Nebraska 500/1

Northwestern 500/1

Penn State 750/1

You know the line.... so you're saying there's a chance, right? It's cute, but it's not the right attitude, so you ask, "Okay, what's the right attitude?"

Well, first you gotta believe.

This is a problem with a lot of people because most would probably never take a shot at winning 500/1 odds, and I'm not talking about gambling. I'm talking about trying whatever it is in the first place, i.e., win the girl, get that job, drive your car through that small of a space doing 80 mph.

Taking chances requires a little bit of lunacy, obviously, a bit of stupidity (you have to be stupid enough to not listen to all those other people around you who are telling you you're a lunatic), and some luck.

But what else you going to do? Have no stories to tell your grandchildren when you get older? (Notice I didn't include "your children" here because your children automatically stop believing your stories when they become teenagers and after that think everything you told them was complete bullshit. You need to be thinking further down the road.)

I believe, Tim Miles.

Now, go get that tourney title and a ticket to the Big Dance, you Husker sunsabitches.