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The Reads: Fairly Quiet So Far And That's A Good Thing

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It's been a fairly quiet spring for Nebraska football so far. Ameer Abdullah is injured, as is Ryne Reeves, but the offensive line has plenty of leaders available. Best part - no trouble so far from the Nebraska football team.

Can Spencer Long Be A Leader On The Husker Offensive Line?
Can Spencer Long Be A Leader On The Husker Offensive Line?
Eric Francis

It has been a fairly quiet spring so far. Sure, there's news, mostly typical news, about Husker sports. Not a lot of the overly glossy stuff we're used to seeing. Bo Pelini got a lot of mileage out of calling his defense mentally weak, Ameer Abdullah has "tweaked his knee", and Ryne Reeves is injured, but really rather a blase' spring so far.

Maybe it's best it stay that way. There's always alternatives, and some are not good, as in horrible. Example:

Three freshman Ohio State football players tied to police investigation - Land-Grant Holy Land

Per an ABC 6 report, three Ohio State football players are connected to a rape allegation.

Above is the link to LGHL's story stream, should you want to follow this report. The three are freshmen.

ABC6 pulls Ohio State alleged rape report from website - Land-Grant Holy Land

For reasons not immediately clear, ABC6 has pulled their original report from their website.

Add intrigue. The TV station stands by their report, even though it sounds like they botched it.

NU rifle team closes season, placing 7th in NCAA Championships - Daily Nebraskan: Sports

The Nebraska rifle season came to a close this past weekend as the Huskers finished seventh at the NCAA Championships. The Huskers had a regular-season record of 20-6 and were one of only eight teams chosen to compete at the NCAA’s. Nebraska coach Stacy Underwood said she was more than proud of her team.

Huskers Change Weekend Schedule - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska will now play a doubleheader with New Mexico State beginning at 4 p.m. on Friday at Bowlin Stadium, before wrapping up the series with one game on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Following Friday's second game, Nebraska Head Coach Rhonda Revelle will be honored after becoming the winningest coach in the history of Husker Athletics two weeks ago. The first 768 fans into Friday's doubleheader will receive a free t-shirt commemorating Revelle's accomplishment.

Softball continues to win, currently at 16-5 and on a five-game winning streak. Should be a nice day Friday, maybe you ought to head on out and watch 'em.

Wagner accepts preferred walk-on offer at Nebraska

Tim Wagner is a scorer. He can find the hoop from all ranges and provide an offensive spark at any moment. The senior at Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School will try to use his offensive prowess to revamp a team that is in need of a few scorers.

Wagner announced today he accepted a preferred walk-on offer at NCAA Division I Nebraska next season in an effort to bolster an offense that finished at the bottom of Big Ten Conference in scoring (58.6 points per game) this season.

WohoO!!! A scorer! We could use one of those!

Chase Daniel's contract is very big (for a backup): $10 million over 3 years - Arrowhead Pride

The Kansas City Chiefs made a fairly sizable commitment to free agent Chase Daniel, who agreed to a deal shortly after free agency hit. Daniel's contract is worth a reported $10 million over three years.

CHASE DANIELS MAKES A LOT OF MONEY. I don't follow the Kansas City Chiefs much (why would anyone?) but isn't that where quarterbacks go to die, career-wise?

NFL free agency 2013: Colts, Dolphins big winners early -

Teams moved quickly to sign some of the biggest names in free agency. Keep up with the latest news and analysis here.

If you're following NFL free agency, the story stream is here with everything you want to know. Greg Jennings might stick with the Packers, for example. Adam Carriker restructured his contract to stay with the Redskins.

Matt McGloin Tells His Story Before The Draft - Black Shoe Diaries

The former Penn State quarterback has penned an op-ed in advance of the school's Pro Day and the NFL Draft.

Nice piece by BSD by Matt McGloin hisself. No one expects much of him, but he expects a lot from himself.

Vincent Smith on Jadeveon Clowney hit: 'Took one for the team' -

The former Michigan running back did a Reddit AMA on Tuesday afternoon, and surprisingly enough, some people asked him about the Clowney hit.

If you had the chance to talk to Smith, wouldn't you ask him about it? College: Top 25 Rankings: College Top 25: March 11

Indiana is ranked #24 at Baseball America, but unranked at other polls and barely in the "others" polls in most.

Position spotlight: An O-line rundown : Latest Husker News

So who is the leading voice on that Husker offensive line now?

Ah, spring. Forever about finding the new leaders, whether they be the kicking, screaming type or the strong, silent "lead by example" guys. Football, we tend to believe, should be about kicking and screaming as it is the sport where behemoths run into each other at the start of every play.

You've got a fairly experienced offensive line, Brent Qvale, Jeremiah Sirles, Andrew Rodriguez, Cole Pensick, all seniors, all with plenty of starting experience. There shouldn't be a problem putting together a solid group of five starter out of this bunch. I don't think anyone is particularly worried about the offensive line, though, right?

Spring Practice: Ameer Abdullah sustains knee injury |

Sophomore Imani Cross — whom offensive coordinator Tim Beck identified before spring as a player to watch — "has had a really good spring," Pelini said. Once again Monday night, Cross was the last Husker player or coach off the field, working on catching the ball with a student assistant.

On the other hand, there's this. I have faith in Cross, but it'd be sure as hell nice to still have Braylon Heard around. The latest news has Heard going to Kentucky, but that's not solid yet. I'm still disgusted that he's gone. I'll shut up now.