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Nebraska Football: Harvey Perlman's Been Thinking And So Have I

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

As you're well aware, Bo Pelini ripped into his team the other day, specifically the defense. He claimed the offense was "better," than the alleged dumpster fire he'd seen on the practice field, but something about the post-practice Q&A didn't sit right with me.

What caused such an inquisitive mood?

Unlike the usual Columbo marathon on Netflix, it was University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman's recent quips.

Taylor Martinez takes offense at that, chancellor, but since we're talking Martinez 1.0 and offense, I've got to question Pelini's quick dismissal of major mishaps on the other side of the ball.

How is Martinez's handling of the football these days? March Madness is upon us. It makes sense to address the severe case of Fumblitis that has caused some slips of the pigskin by No. 3 to be near-dribbles.

The problem doesn't stop with Martinez, though. How about the running backs as a whole? Are they toting the rock properly snug?


While Northwestern is a shameful No. 11 seed in the upcoming Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament (No. 11 is worse than No. 10, I don't make the rules), Tim Miles' roundballers have the opportunity to upset Purdue Ohio State.

Moving back to football! Alright, so the entire defense looks like a bunch of scrubs. Got that. How's the offensive line coming?

With John Garrison taking over the vast majority of coaching duties when it comes to the hosses in the trenches, does Cole Pensick have the center gig solidified? Surely David Knevel's been getting snaps. Obviously, the transition to hardcore football study has to be somewhat difficult. How's that going?

What does "Run Game Coordinator" mean, anyway?

Lil Red's never had the best hands, but he tries, bless his heart.

You know what has great hands? Nebraska's wide receiver corps. Now that Jordan "Air German" Westerkamp may see some significant time during actual games, are passes thrown his way in practice finally hitting the ground or is he still blessed with human Stick 'Em?

Kenny Bell and Quincy Enunwa no doubt still rule the roost, but has Jamal Turner gotten his timing down (Harlem Shake aside)? We must have an update on Tyler Wullenwaber. The Nebraska football public demands an update on Wullenwaber!

Not only is his name fantastic, he's got a fine set of hands, too. It was a shame to see him go down with injury as his game was peaking in 2012.

Seems like a fair number of questions that should have answers to at least moderately contrast the embarrassment that has been the Huskers' defense.

Oh, there's just one more thing:

I do, too, chancellor. I do, too.

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