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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Greg Hoyd III Ready to Earn His Choice's Investment

Greg Hoyd III is being recruited by Nebraska. Who is he, what's he like, and where is he going to fit?

Brandon Cavanaugh

Greg Hoyd III currently holds offers from Duke, New Mexico State and Utah. Those three had best enjoy these moments, because this is likely the closest they'll be to landing the Murrieta, CA native.

The son of Greg Hoyd Jr., a linebacker for Ole Miss during the 1990s, he's been hearing from a swarm of schools as of late including Nebraska, Kentucky, Maryland, Miami (FL), Ole Miss, Oregon, Syracuse, Southern California, Vanderbilt and Washington State.

He spent time with his hand in the dirt playing defensive end as a sophomore, but once he made the move to linebacker last season, he knew he belonged.

"I got a taste of it, I loved it. I was able to rush, but I was able to drop back and play with athletes that are phenomenally fast."

Hoyd Highlights

Not only does he relish opportunities to fly around the field, like current Nebraska linebacker Michael Rose, Hoyd isn't afraid to pipe up when necessary.

"I want to put myself into a leadership role. I don’t mind taking command. I’ve always been a younger guy playing with older guys, but I don’t mind being vocal. I wouldn’t be able to play with the older guys if I couldn’t get my point across," he said.

The 6' 2" 210 pound defender admitted an eventual trip to Miami, FL would be hard to pass up, but location won't play into his ultimate decision.

Whether in Tornado Alley or high in the mountains, he realizes that if he wants to get to football's elite level, he can't be picky when it comes to locale. Hoyd also realizes the potential for a grand return on a program's investment in him.

"I just want to play football. If (a school)'s willing to pay $500,000 for my scholarship, I want to get a top education. At the end of the day, I love the game."

What intrigues Hoyd about the Huskers is the same thing that might draw an athlete to Southern California or Penn State.

"They’re a linebacker school. You can go there, do well and make it to the NFL."

Another factor that may play in Nebraska's favor is Hoyd's desire to excel where the bar's already been set high.

"I love the traditional schools. The best part about football is when you’re playing on the same field that other great players did."

The most important aspect of his eventual choice will be comfort in all areas. Hoyd also emphasized that he doesn't want to put himself in a position to even think about homesickness.

"I want to fall in love with the school overnight, where the people are great and I feel like it’s another home for me outside of California. I also want to make sure I can compete at that school, where I can be around a bunch of guys who have the same goals."