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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Your 2013 Predictions

Kevin Carden

The faxes for the most recent recruiting crop are barely done being processed and already people are projecting these young men's careers. Isn't it only appropriate that you do the same?

It's a shame that so many yearbooks took away the "Most likely to succeed" or "Most likely to end up whittling pistols out of bananas," so we're bringing that back and we want you to cast your ballots.

Naturally we'll be keeping these archived for the next four years to praise the winners and shun the losers. To assure you that I'm completely serious about this, here's a picture of John Papuchis screaming.


Copy, paste and fill in the following in the comments section below:

Most likely to...

Start as a Freshman:

Be a Surprise Offensive Playmaker:

Be a Surprise Defensive Playmaker:



Be Tossed a Redshirt:

Switch Positions:

Dominate Social Media (YouTube, Twitter, Instragram, etc.):

Be a Team Captain:

Be an NFL draft First Round Pick

Win the Heisman:

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