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NSD Comes And Goes, Heard And Rome Depart, New Recruiting Rules Approach

Greg and Brian take to the CN Studio to talk about The Harvest, next year's new recruiting rules, and Braylon Heard and Chase Rome's departure and it's effect.

Kenny Bell welcomes the class of '13 to Lincoln? Sure.
Kenny Bell welcomes the class of '13 to Lincoln? Sure.
Eric Francis

The National Signing Day Edition of De-Tasseling the Huskers. Greg and Brian discuss the new signees, especially members of the defensive line. With Chase Rome's departure, there's a lot of room for playing time on the D-Line. Also, new GA - recruiter or position filler? Also - Brian thinks the chief recruiter should be able to sell ice to igloos...meaning igloos are now making purchases. This might be crazier than when Brian recorded the show naked............ok probably not.

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