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Nebraska Football Recruiting: Feedback For The Harvest

Signed, sealed and delivered. Tell us how we did.

Suffice it to say it was a long day for Brian and I, but it was still fun and marked the second year we've done this as a team.

While we're pretty happy with our work, we want to know what you think.

Leave your feedback below, good or bad, and let us know how we did. I added a standard report card poll for your enjoyment as well.

Also, our first year of text messaging went very well as a number of Husker fans got alerts on their phones and...

We want to keep the text message system running, but we also want you folks to have a say in what information we provide. What sorts of news and information would you like to have sent to you?

Breaking news? New articles? Specific new articles? How many text per day would you prefer?

Let us know how we can most effectively use this service to benefit you and remember that this service is completely free. You can cancel at any time.

Again, thanks for joining us for National Signing Day, folks. There's plenty more recruiting news coming soon.