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Braylon Heard and Chase Rome No Longer Nebraska Cornhuskers

Bo Pelini drops that bomb in his opening lines of the NSD press conference.

Officially... gone.
Officially... gone.
Eric Francis

Well, I thought there would be info about this coming out in the press conference. I just didn't think it would be immediately of all things. I suppose you get it out of the way immediately, right?

We all knew about Braylon Heard wanting to leave Lincoln a week or so ago, so this was no surprise. Chase Rome, on the other hand, is one with the issues he had back in mid-September that we all thought he would get through.

It was interesting to see that the press conference was opened with that statement. It was also interesting how Bo seemed to dance around a question with Vince Marrow and Marcus McWilson.

If anything else breaks, we'll get it to you.

National Signing Day is fun, huh??