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Nebraska Recruiting: 2013 National Signing Day 1:30pm update

Nothing much to update you all with, there is only one last person that Nebraska has not received their LOI from, and that is Drake Martinez.

Of course, the list of those that have committed to Nebraska are as follows:

David Knevel

DJ Singleton

Kevin Gladney

Courtney Love

A.J. Natter

Kevin Maurice

Ernest Suttles

Greg Hart

Terrell Newby

Marcus Newby

Nathan Gerry

Adam Taylor

Zach Hannon

Gabriel Miller

Cethan Carter

Randy Gregory

Dwyane Johnson

Dimarya Mixon

Josh Banderas

Matt Finnin

Boaz Joseph

Johnny Stanton

Maliek Collins

Trevell Dixon

Chongo Kondolo

Keep in mind that if anything breaks with any other news on recruiting that may happen today, make sure you're subscribed to CN's text messaging feature for NSD today. Text HUSKERS to 84483 and you'll get it when we learn it.

At 2pm, Nebraska HC Bo Pelini will be having his NSD press conference on You can watch it on their site right here. I would bet that there will be questions about Braylon Heard and such, and could get it's own breaking news from there.

UPDATE AT 1:40: The final LOI has arrived from Drake Martinez