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Nebraska Football National Signing Day 2013 Coverage: The Harvest

The day is finally here: National Signing Day. Today, we'll be welcoming 20-something newbies into the fraternity of Nebraska Cornhuskers football and Corn Nation's got you covered from all angles.

First, the object of our affection for the day:


This fine HP product will be delivering today's official pledges

- If you tweet, you'll want to follow Brian and Brandon if you don't already:

They'll be tweeting out notifications of when Letters of Intent have been received by Nebraska.

- If you don't tweet, but are mobile or just want to make sure you don't miss a minute of the action should you leave the comfort of your computer/tablet, etc., sign up for our absolutely free text alerts if you haven't already done so.

- Propects can begin sending in LOIs at 7:00 AM in their time zone.

- Once Letters of Intent start coming in, we'll be updating the stream every 20 minutes or so with the current list of officially signed prospects, their rankings and highlights.

- There will be a live signing of Nathan Gerry's Letter of Intent at 7:30 AM Central. Click here to view it.

- The announcement of Jacquille Veii will be carried live at 10:30 AM Central. Click here to view it.

- There are rumors of an alleged silent commit. Should news break on an unexpected commit, it will be posted to the stream.

That about covers it. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Have fun.