CN Cookbook - Prosciutto Pie

My family and friends love this one. It is a recipe I received twenty years ago from a friend that owned a small bistro in the University area of Minneapolis.He usually served it at Sunday brunch. Late Fall and early Spring.

Sadly he is gone. He is fondly remembered.

Eqpt/Utensils required:


Deep Pyrex or glazed ceramic pie dish, 9"


Pie crust : Frozen or homemade is fine for this dish. If you make a good pie crust and want to do so, have at it. Thin to medium works best ,

1 lb each.

Prosciutto(sliced paper thin)


Baby Swiss(sliced)

I ea. Large red and yellow bell pepper or three medium sized.

1 bunch fresh spinach leaves.

Early Prep:

Preheat oven to 325

Very lightly brown/crisp botton crust in oven. Set aside

Rub peppers with olive oil. place in a paper bag in a 275 degree oven. When you smell the sweet bell pepper aroma and the skin is wrinkled they are done. Set aside to cool.

Cut the stems from the spinach. Rinse. Set aside in fridge.

Peel skins with paring knife from cooled peppers. Slice into ribbon sized pieces.

Final Prep:

In bottom crust layer as follows. Prosciutto,cheese, peppers,spinach. lightly press down with your hand and repeat. Alternate the cheese with each layer. Feel free to alternate the layers after the first one.

Add top crust. pinch all around making a tight seal. Vent four times with paring knife.

Place in 350 degree oven until crust is golden and cheese is bubbly.

Allow to "set up" for 15 mins or so. stick a butter knife in like mom used to do. You will know when it is ready to serve.

As side dishes. A spring green mini salad.

Broiled salmon or halibut. Chilled. Served with a sour cream and fresh dill garnish. Or softened cream cheese with "Old bay" seasoning

It does take some prep work. Except for the crust most of the work can be done a day ahead.. This is a 4 lb. pie so it easily serves 8 to 12, especially with any of the sides or appetizers.

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