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The Reads: Rest Well, Football.

Inter-squad football goes into hibernation until August.

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Sam Koch, everyone. NEBRASKA KICKERS FTW.
Sam Koch, everyone. NEBRASKA KICKERS FTW.
Rob Carr

With the NFL's major advertising fire-sale in the books, electrical systems stress tested and champions crowned, we finally close the book on the 2012-2013 inter-squad American football season. But that doesn't mean we're out of sports just yet.

  • Both Nebrasketball and women's basketball are entering the home stretch of their regular seasons. Nebrasketball finished off last week with a win against Northwestern and two losses to Minnesota and Ohio State (pictures). They play Penn State this coming Saturday.
  • Women's basketball swept their weekend slate, dropping both Ohio State and Minnesota. They take on Northwestern this Thursday.
  • The undefeated women's tennis won their first Big Ten game on the season, downing Ohio State. They travel to Virginia this weekend for the ITA National Team Indoor Championships.
  • Swimming and Diving picked up win #6 for the "Battle for the NU" by besting Northwestern but fell to both Ohio State and Iowa at the Northwestern Invitational. They set some impressive team records, including Nebraska's first ever 12-win season in swimming. They will now prepare for the Big Ten Championships which take place at the end of the month.
  • Gymnastics has a mixed weekend, with the men's team falling to Minnesota and the women's team besting Illinois.
  • As reported by our bowling guru Brian:

You can read all about their victory here at

And while football has certainly gone to pasture, it's certainly not dead yet.

After NSD, we'll have Nebraska baseball and sand volleyball to report on as well.

So even though football has gone silent, we'll have plenty of sports to talk about here at Corn Nation. We hope you choose to stick around and join us in the conversation!

OH, and cookbook update! We are now FIVE recipes away from me cooking! Get on it, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s easy to figure out what main course to cook for the game, but what about the side dishes? One of my favorites is baked beans. - SD Husker

Because it wouldn't be a Plains State cookbook without jello salad. Thanks, Lakes.


So that's all for today, folks. We've got a busy week ahead. Don't forget to check out our recruiting coverage as we head into the Harvest this Wednesday.

Have a great week!

- Salt Creek and Stadium