CN Cookbook - Church social /Company Picnic Jello

Utensils/Tools/appliances needed:

A stove or a reasonable facsimile thereof to boil water.

A big spoon to stir with. Wood or plastic are fine An oar, boat paddle or 2x4 will suffice in a pinch.

Gigantic stock pot. Cattle trough, etc.

A shit load of tupperware containers to pour this stuff into and two empty refrigerators.


72 packages of Jello (Flavor/Color Options to be discussed further down) C.mon. The stuff is cheap.

Water as per instructions.

36 packages of Birdseye frozen peas. Or lima beans if that is how you roll .

5 lbs. Shaved carrots

5 jars of mayo or Dorothy Lynch.

*If you are really kinky, Mini-marshmallows.


Boil water. Dump the stuff in the humongous stockpot, trough,etc..

Add peas or lima beans. If you are really adventurous feel free to mix and match.

Pour in to tupperware containers and refrigerate until set.

Set jars of mayo/DL in sun for 4 hours.

Serving suggestions:

Take to picnic . Place containers on picnic table. Big spoon fulls on single paper plate. Add HEAPING TBSPs of Mayo/DL dressing. Smoosh around. Add carrots and/or marshmallows as garnish.

As for color or flavor. I suggest Lemon. It makes the peas/lima beans look blue. Nothing quite like blue vegetables to get your attention.

Historical footnote.

As a child I was kidnapped by well meaning yet completely clueless people. I was taken to Counciltuckey and I SAW this being served and CONSUMED. Those that survived the botulism were incarcerated for 20 yrs. Just on principle. I swam the Missouri river back to safety.


I tried to take a pic. My camera broke in the attempt.

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