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Nebraska Football: Nebraska And Iowa Officially Back On For Black Friday

The Hawkeyes and Huskers will keep their game on the day after Thanksgiving for the next 2 years at least.

Matthew Holst

We all heard about Nebraska and Iowa wanting to keep the Heroes Game on the day after Thanksgiving, and the Big 10 finally made it official today.

Originally, Iowa AD Gary Barta was hoping to have this game moved to the Saturday of the holiday weekend, but realizing that the game would not get the visibility of something like Michigan/Ohio St. (which is the next day), the Hawkeye Athletic Department realized it wasn't a good idea.

This upcoming season, the game will be played on Friday, November 29th in Memorial Stadium. The date of the game was the last question on the 2013 schedule for the Huskers. So, go ahead and start planning your roadtrips and such (sorry, we don't have a link for what goes on sale earlier that Friday).

Even though the schedule hasn't been updated on the Nebraska Athletics site, the 2014 game will be at Kinnick in Iowa City on Friday, November 28th.

Furthermore, while times and television were not announced, you could probably wager a chunk on it being during the day and on ABC. As long as Ed Cunningham is doing any other game, it's not a big deal.

For the Iowa reaction to this, head on over to Black Heart Gold Pants, the SBNation community for Hawkeye sports.