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The Reads: The Desert Island Question

The one problem with the off-season is that we're forced to re-adjust to real life. Sort of.

Important housekeeping update at the end of the Reads today!

This is the intro:

You can now share in my nightmares.


Remember: Nebrasketball takes on the Badgers TONIGHT at 8pm on BTN. The women will take on the Badgers tomorrow evening at 7pm.


Before I get started with the news, a hearty congratulations to junior Emily Wong of the women's gymnastics team who took home this week's Co-Gymnast of the Week award for her performance against Iowa State!



Before we close, another Harlem Shake, this time from the women's basketball team:

In comparison, the Husker Harlem Shake with Coach Miles:

I'm sorry, but I'm sticking with Miles here.


And finally, I'll leave you with something to think about today:

What five things would your unprepared self have with you if you were shipwrecked on an island today?

CLARIFICATION: I'm asking for five items you have within grabbing distance, not what you'd pick up at Walmart on the way to being shipwrecked.

I mean, if we're doing that, I've got a knife, a kettle or pot, a huge box of waterproof matches, a highly reflective tent and a crate of K rations. Too easy.


That's all for today. THIS IS YOUR OPEN THREAD, if you want.


- Salt Creek and Stadium


I do want to say y'all have done a fantastic job staying active and having some excellent discussions. Of course, Kate Upton and Kaley Cucuo kind of distracted some of you but hey, whatever keeps y'all coming back.

This leads me to today's housekeeping update. When we started this journey through the off-season, we discussed using the Reads as a place for an open thread. Going forward, I'm not sure that's necessary. There is plenty of discussion happening outside the Reads, which is fantastic.

With this in mind and taking the fact that news is scarce, I am letting you all know about a change in the publishing schedule. Rather than attempting to prepare a piece for Monday through Friday, I am moving to a three day schedule, with Mondays being the heaviest of the three pieces.

  • On Mondays, you can expect an overview of the results of Nebraska athletic events from the previous weekend.
  • On Wednesday, I will provide a mid-week update.
  • On Thursday, look for my cooking post for that week starting next week (recipe submissions are still welcome!)
  • On Fridays I will provide a weekend outlook.

I will also provide a schedule for the intervening days as far as Nebraska sporting events are concerned.

I will not be doing a Reads article tomorrow or Thursday, but I will have a poll up on Thursday (or Friday, if I forget) to select the dish for the inaugural "Cooking Along the Ol' Salt Creek" post.

Any questions, ask below!