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The Reads: Why Not A Bob Devaney Action Figure?

Today's reads: Mark Emmert's NCAA is even more of an embarrassment than usual, and a Bob Devaney action figure would be a great complement to a Devaney statue.

Jon Johnston

An Era Is Coming To A Close: Miami Has Received Its Notice Of Allegations - State of The U

The beginning of the end is here, with the NOA being delivered to Miami. The fun is just starting.

It's not like I have any great love for Miami, but the idea that the NCAA is going ahead with this after Miami has already self-imposed sanctions is nothing short of asinine. Okay, I understand they have to go through with the process, but if they impose anything beyond what Miami has already done to themselves, it'll be a sign that the NCAA cares nothing about the universities they are supposed to support.

NCAA's Miami report highlights need for investigative transparency - College Football - Andy Staples -

The release of the report in the Miami case didn't shatter the public's trust in the NCAA. The public never trusted the NCAA in the first place, because the NCAA usually acts as if it has something to hide. An organization funded by the activities of hundreds of mostly taxpayer-funded institutions has little right to privacy, but the NCAA's enforcement process has always taken place behind a steel curtain.

Excellent article by Staples, and an equally excellent observation that the public doesn't trust the NCAA. It has gotten worse under Mark Emmert, and it will remain the case until he's gone.


In over 20 plus years of consulting for organizations large and small, public and private, I have found but one consistency amongst them. They ALL take on the personality of the person (or people) in charge. If the head guy is a lying, cheating bastard, the organization becomes a bunch of lying, cheating bastards.

Emmert appears like a power-hungry ass who's willing to do anything to gain more power for the NCAA, and by doing so, himself. He's paid $1.6M per year and it is obvious he wants to maintain his position if for no other reason that because of his actions so far he's not going to see anywhere near that kind of money for the rest of his career.

Emmert has taken an organization that's already incredibly low in public opinion and driven it into the dirt. There are those who say nothing would be gained by his being fired. That's complete bullshit. Emmert's firing would show that the people who run the organization, university leads who are supposed to be amongst the best in holding up the standards the NCAA supposedly supports, actually give a damn.

After Miami case, NCAA needs to reevaluate enforcement model - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Emmert hired and charged Roe Lach with improving the way the NCAA polices its members. Now it has fired her and charged someone else (interim VP Jonathan Duncan) with a variation of the same task. At what point does Emmert -- or if not him, the NCAA's members -- finally admit the need to blow up the whole thing and replace it with something more effective?

Mandel recommends that a third party handle enforcement. I agree.

Why firing Mark Emmert would not be enough to fix the NCAA -

Once again, these problems would not exist if colleges could pay players whatever they wanted.

I thought this article would be promising, and given that it's coming from a lawyer, represent a different perspective on things, but then it just turns out as the same old "throw everything out and pay them" stuff we see all over the place. They're not going to do this, so why don't we just have articles in which everyone gets promised free unicorn rides?

A SIMPLE BUT IMPORTANT LESSON - Every Day Should Be Saturday

This is not because lawyers are inherently smarter than you (they aren't) or have better judgment (hahahahahahahaha).

You listen to your lawyer because, if they're wrong, you can turn around and say "I was acting on advice of counsel." And then you're basically golden, because everybody is willing to blame it on the dumbass lawyer. It's an entire damn subplot of Jurassic Park.

If only it really worked that way.

Maryland 247 site reporting North Carolina has Big Ten offer, Virginia on deck? - Land-Grant Holy Land

Could North Carolina be the next ACC team to leave the conference for the Big Ten?

North Carolina would be a good catch. The basketball would be amazing, and at least the Tar Heels show up once in a while in football.

North Carolina judge refuses to dismiss ACC suit vs. Maryland -

Maryland's fight to get out of its $52 million exit fee for leaving the Atlantic Coast Conference in 2014 took an unpleasant — but not unexpected — turn Monday when a North Carolina judge refused a motion by the school to drop a lawsuit filed by the ACC in November.

Rutgers doesn't bother me all that much. Maryland, on the other hand, seems to be flirting with disaster. They're already broke, and they just decided to purchase their athletes iPads by using a bunch of money from their Student Assistance Fund.

If they're stuck paying the $52M, then what?

The rare athletic director hot seat watch: 6 college ADs at risk -

Coaches aren't the only ones under pressure to perform in 2013. Here's a look at a few athletic directors that could be in trouble if things don't go well this year.

DeLoss Dodds, Texas. Pat Haden, USC. That idiot at Florida International. You never really think of this list, but it has quite an impact.

NCAA committee aims to end head shots, but culture change needed - NCAA Football - News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and BCS Rankings

There was a day not too long ago when such hits were unheard of. Now the occasional mission to split the opponent's head in two has gained gruesome momentum. "This play, this targeting to the head area, hasn't been in the game all that long," said Rogers Redding, national coordinator of officiating and secretary-editor of the NCAA rules committee, "inside the last six, seven years."

Uh, what? Helmet to helmet hits have only been around for a few years? What game of football have these guys been watching? Now, if you want to say "We've only started to give a shit about them the past six or seven years", then that's a different argument altogether.

The Student Body, for Sale - Students - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Last June a college student named Michael pondered his options for summer employment. He was already working as a children's swimming coach at a country club near his family's home, but the salary worked out to less than minimum wage. He joked with his friends that he could make more money as a stripper.

A stripper.. wish I'd have thought of that when I was in college.

Shatel: NU needs a bigger tribute to Devaney -

I like the idea of a Devaney statue outside the new east stadium entrance, which will open in the fall. Or inside a concourse, or even in the football complex, anywhere where the public is allowed to go.

It's not too late. Ohio State just unveiled a statue of Woody Hayes outside its football complex. At the very least, the names Devaney and Osborne should be on the wall of fame under the video board. The man built Nebraska football. His likeness, or name, should be seen where the game is played. If there's a statue of Osborne, why not have one of Devaney?

This is a damned good idea by Tom Shatel. The Bobfather was the one who built Nebraska football, but the problem with statues is they typically dumb down the person they're supposed to represent. Nick Saban's statue, for example. Or Woody Hayes.... although they captured Hayes' persona pretty well with that one. Hayes' likeness looks like he's about ready to take a swing at you for that false start you just committed.

Tom Osborne's statue is also well done, beautifully done with Brook Berringer. You can't feel bad about that one.

Okay, the real problem with statues is I don't like them so much. I see them come to life in my dreams and it's not pleasant. I suppose some people have the same problem with clowns.

A Bob Devaney statue inside the new concourse on the east side would be good. What would be better is if you could press a button and he'd cuss you out, and then someone would bring you a jack and coke. That would be a grand statue.

But why stop there?

Why not a Bob Devaney action figure, one that could be purchased by fans on the opening of the new east side addition. Pull a string and it says "They sold a lot of popcorn!" or "I don't expect to win enough games to be put on NCAA probation. I just want to win enough to warrant an investigation" and other such phrases.

It could be used as a recruiting tool, given the new rules. Ship it to 'Bama recruits, and when they pull the string it'd remind them of the time ol' Bob beat the snot out of 'Bama's Bear Bryant 38-6 in the 1972 Orange Bowley-1972-orange-bowl-classic-nebraska-38-alabama-6-video-k1m9pL0SdyY-39168-2.html. Bryant and 'Bama wouldn't seem so infallible then, would they?