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Football Season Lull, Erstad's Gang Heads to Cali, Guests For Detasseling The Huskers

Time for Greg and Brian to go ham and give you, the fan, what you're wanting.

Kate... please come on the podcast.
Kate... please come on the podcast.
Chris Trotman

Greg and Brian talk Husker Baseball with their first weekend in action approaching. Then - Greg and Brian discuss fantasy guests for DtH - Greg Sharpe, Kate Upton, and Kaley Cuoco. Who would you like us to pursue FOR THE SHOW (that part is important). Also, help Greg out. Some Corn Nation staffers are living under the impression that The Big Bang Theory is about a couple grad students living across from a hot chick. Greg knows that not to be the case. Your comments will help us decide this ("settle it" was taken) once and for all.

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As always, you the fan give us questions for the podcast, and we wanna thank Erik Burkhart (@HuskerInsanity) for his question for this week's show.

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