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Reads: A Whole Lotta Nothin'

Today's reads feature items that are all over the board. Bad sports parents get the biggest piece of the pie.

Miss Salt yet? I do. Man, it's tough doing these read articles this time of year. There isn't a whole lot going on out there, 'cepting for the Big Ten coaches meeting, tons of basketball that you don't care about... although if you missed the Nebraska women's basketball game on BTN last night you missed a dandy.

Nebraska started out blazing hot, lead the entire game, and then towards the end let Iowa come back to the point that if you are a Husker basketball fan you were probably suffering from heart problems by the time it was over. Nebraska pulled it out, though, 76-75, to extend their winning streak to six games. Jordan Hooper had 29 points.

I check and their recruiting layout looks suspiciously like a series of mugshots across the top of the page, like instead of "signed", they should have "captured" plastered across their faces. Maybe that's just me.

B1G Meetings Roundup - Off Tackle Empire

Coaches come out against new recruiting rules, in support of a 9/10 game conference schedule, and lo and behold, Urban Meyer didn't lecture anyone

Shouldn't that be "yet", as in "Urban Meyer didn't lecture anyone yet."?

We'll have more analysis on that 9/10 game conference schedule later today, so check back to CN later. Please?

A TV Network Killed the Big East (and It’s Not the One in Bristol) " FRANK THE TANK'S SLANT

However, it wasn’t the Bristol-based network that effectively killed off the Big East as we once knew it. Instead, Fox, in its pursuit of becoming the main competitor to ESPN in US sports television, ended up pulling the trigger.

The Big East is still alive, somehow, and that's really the biggest shock of all.

College football recruiting 2014: Presenting the all-name team -
The poetry of college football recruiting grows more dazzling by the year, with a 2014 class led by a pair of amazing namesakes.

7 Insights to Help Parents in Recruiting and Youth Sports - NCSA Athletic Recruiting Blog

I wanted to share 7 observations for parents that can help not only in recruiting but also make sure your child has a satisfying experience in sports.

A pretty insightful article, actually, and it includes seven real observations as opposed to repeating "chill out at travel team tournaments and other competitions". I'm sure those of us with children can recount stories of really bad parent behavior at sporting events.

I have a number of my own, having three children who have all played competitive soccer. The one that always comes to mind was watching my daughter referee children's soccer games, and when I say "children's soccer", I mean, really small children.

I can recall watching two five year old boys run into each other while chasing a ball, and then seeing the mothers of both boys going ballistic, screaming at my daughter as if the other boy had just attempted murder. It would have been hilarious if it weren't so sad.

Another time, she called a game a couple minutes early, and one of the coaches berated her for it. Got right up in her face, towering over her, and yelled at her that there was still time left. This was the coach of a five or six-year old soccer team, for crying out loud. I did not intervene, but watched her reaction. She just stood there looking at the guy like he was a giant asshole, which he was. She is tough as nails. I love her for that. Don't tell her I said that, though. She can already be pretty cocky sometimes.

OTOH, she didn't come back the next year and referee again. Can you blame her? The woman who at that time was in charge of our soccer club's referee program told me that around 40% of the kids they're trying to train don't do it for more than a year. Can you blame them?

Bradenton Police Investigate Manatee High Employee -

Tommie Frazier's brother looks like he might be in a bit of trouble down there in Florida.

Nike Co-Founder Blasts Freeh Report -

In a statement released Monday, Knight called the findings of the Freeh report unjustified and unsubstantiated. He also criticized the NCAA's subsequent sanctions on Penn State's football program as unwarranted.

This is how bad it is. I'm linking to an article that's quoting Phil Knight.

Bobby Petrino says he takes responsibility for Arkansas’ poor season | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports

After a season away from college football following being fired from Arkansas, Bobby Petrino found his way back to head coaching circles after getting hired at Western Kentucky this offseason. But Petrino, who spoke to WGFX in Nashville, said road back to being a head coach was wrought with regret over what happened at Arkansas after his departure.

Bobby Petrino, all contrite and shit. WROUGHT WITH REGRET HE IS, DAMMIT.

While Looking Ahead, NU Honoring its Past -

While looking ahead to a future inside the upscale Pinnacle Bank Arena, Nebraska Athletics wants to remember and honor our past, so we're asking fans of the Husker men's and women's basketball program

Lee Barfknecht, Mike Babcock, Brian Rosenthal, and Matt Coatney picks the All-Devaney teams for both men's and women's basketball. Tyronne Lue tops the men's lists, no shock there.

Princeton Review names UNL a 'Best Value' university | News Releases | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is among the nation's "Best Value" colleges and universities according to a Princeton Review publication released this week.

I missed this from a few days ago. It's true, you know, at least if you're in-state and looking for a good university. Out of state tuition, not so much. Paying for college has never been more difficult, but God help you if you try talking to a higher ed professional about the costs. They swear they're starving to death.

And last... because it's hilarious...