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Big Ten Coaches, Athletic Directors - JUST SAY NO TO NEW RECRUITING RULES

The Big Ten coaches and athletic directors are opposing to new recruiting rules.

Pelini - Not In Favor of New Recruiting Rules
Pelini - Not In Favor of New Recruiting Rules
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It's been less than a month since the NCAA passed new rules bluntly sent a message they don't give a damn about teenage boys, their parents or their coaches by eliminating restrictions on contact through social media, removing limits on phone calls and texting, and eliminating the limit on the amount of printed material that can be sent to recruits, amongst other items.

The result of the new rules (or lack thereof) has been rampant speculation about what this will do to the lives of college coaches and recruits alike, nearly all of it negative. The hope would be that universities and their schools show some restraint..... BWHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAAAA. No, not really, there's no hope in that at all, none whatsoever.

No, what the NCAA did is eliminate any need for restraint, allowing for the unlimited stalking of teenage boys by grown men all over the place. Like I stated earlier today in the reads, the only people who are for this kind of thing would be the NCAA since once implemented they would have much less work to do while receiving the same amount of pay. Who's not for that?

Big Ten football coaches and athletic directors have decided that they don't have much care for these new rules and have issued a statement to that effect. The full text of the statement is below:

Statement by Big Ten Football Coaches and Athletic Directors

Park Ridge, Ill. - The Big Ten Football Coaches and Athletic Directors met today in Park Ridge for a regularly scheduled meeting and subsequently issued the following statement with regard to pending NCAA DI legislation impacting college football:

We reviewed the 26 Rules Working Group proposals acted upon by the NCAA Board of Directors in January, some of which will become effective as early as July 1, 2013. While we applaud the work that has been done to date, we are very concerned that the timeline proposed for implementation of the proposals does not allow sufficient time for the Football Recruiting Subcommittee of the NCAA Leadership Council to thoughtfully consider the impact of the proposals.

We are specifically concerned with the following three proposals and ask that they be tabled along with Proposal 13-2:

Proposal 11-2: Athletics Personnel - Limitations on the Number and Duties of Coaches - Elimination of Recruiting Coordination Functions

Proposal 13-3: Recruiting - Deregulation of Modes and Numerical Limitations on Communication

Proposal 13-5-A: Recruiting - Elimination of Printed Recruiting Materials and Video/Audio Legislation

We have serious concerns whether these proposals, as currently written, are in the best interest of high school student-athletes, their families and their coaches. We are also concerned about the adverse effect they would have on college coaches, administrators and university resources.

We look forward to working with the NCAA toward improving the game, the recruiting process and the overall college football experience for all student-athletes.