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The Reads: Urban Meyer Affects EVERYTHING

A collection of stuff you should be looking at on Monday morning.

Jamie Sabau

I was off winter camping this weekend with a bunch of Boy Scouts so I missed the Penn State game and other contests that occurred this past weekend. I had a good time, though. First time I've ever been snowshoeing. First time I've ever thrown an atlatl.

Penn State was the Huskers third conference win of the season, putting them at 11th, ahead of Penn State, and just behind Illinois, Iowa and Northwestern, all of whom have four wins.

Next up, the Husker men are at Indiana on Wednesday night. The Hoosiers are coming off a nice 81-68 win over Ohio State on Sunday, but I wouldn't expect much of a letdown since Indiana suffered an inexplicable loss to Illinois last Thursday.

The big news this week will be the start of college baseball season. The Huskers will start on Friday at Cal-State Bakersfield, then play a double header on Saturday against Cal State Fullerton and finished the weekend by playing at USC.

BTN should release their college baseball TV schedule this week, and the coaches and media will put out their preseason predictions regarding the expected order of finish in the Big Ten Conference. Expect to see Indiana in first place, followed by our beloved Huskers. We'll have that coverage for you - I hope that you see Corn Nation as the place to come for your Big Ten baseball coverage this season.

I didn't watch the Grammys on Sunday. I never do, so I can't make any comments on current pop culture with regards to music. If you watched, feel free to give whatever impressions you might have.

TONIGHT The Nebraska Women's basketball team takes on Iowa, hoping to extend their five-game winning streak. We will have an open thread at 7:00 pm.

Game 23: @ Nebraska Recap - Black Shoe Diaries
Things aren't going well with Penn State basketball, but you knew that already.

Huskers Post Season-High in Rout of PSU -
It wasn't enough that we beat Penn State in basketball, but we crushed them in gymnastics as well.

Huskers Close Opening Weekend With 5-0 Record - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Taylor Edwards hit another big home run and her twin sister Tatum tossed four scoreless innings as the Nebraska softball team capped a perfect weekend with a 11-0 victory over New Mexico.

CU and Nebraska to Renew Football Rivalry - The Ralphie Report

The Buffaloes and Huskers will reunite for a four-game series from 2018 through 2024, with the first meeting in Lincoln on Sept. 8, 2018; CU will host the following year (Sept. 7, 2019).

Husker fans' reaction to playing Colorado again has been a somewhat muted but collective "thud". While there hasn't been a huge response at, they seem to be more excited about it than we are.

Huskers Roll Past Creighton -

The Huskers swept the Bluejays in doubles play winning all three courts.

I know next to nothing about tennis, really, but we beat Creighton! WoohoO!!!!

Urban Meyer is a college football villain, but why? -

In college football, Urban Meyer has become a villain in his new conference, but why is that the case?

Oh, I don't know, maybe it's because it seems like every other college football article about the Big Ten includes Urban Meyer, or the "URBAN MEYER EFFECT"?

Urban Meyer effect? B1G recruiting costs soar | TheGazette

Nebraska’s recruiting expenses surged by nearly $275,000 to a whopping $752,681. It was by far the most recruiting dollars spent by any Big Ten school in the 2012 fiscal year.

The increased spending is all because of Urban Meyer, obviously. Has nothing to do with the fact that Nebraska had a potential trip to a BCS bowl and a conference championship in hand, but blew them at season's end. Maybe that fact, and the fact that Husker fans are tired of ten win, four loss seasons had something to do with it?

Michigan ended up with a great recruiting class, but they wouldn't have done that had Urban Meyer not come to the conference. No, they would have been content to sit around on their asses like everyone else was ready to do, collect their paychecks from the BTN and pat themselves on the back.

I'll admit it, though, I hate Urban Meyer. Why? Because he coached at Florida, and I'm no fan of Florida. Now he's at Ohio State, and I have never liked the Buckeyes. There are a whole gob of schools he could coach at and I'd hate him for it.

I get it, though. Meyer gives great quotes and makes writing articles pretty easy. He's a polarizing figure as well, which makes him a great draw. You don't have to do a lot of analysis as is evident in the first comment on the article:

You people cannot be serious. Nebraska's costs soared because the class size they signed double from 2011 to 2012.

A conclusion like that would have required someone to take the time to look at this year's recruiting classes. You know, make an effort at the craft or something like that.

The Paterno Report: Instant Analysis - Black Shoe Diaries

This report, for the most part, says what a lot of us have been saying for a while: the Freeh report was shoddy, incomplete, and drew a lot of conclusions based entirely on suppositions not backed up by relevant fact.

As you may or may not know, the Paterno Family yesterday released four reports critiquing the Freeh Report. Keep an eye on this at BSD as they digest the reports over the next few days. I'd also like to ask you to keep an open mind.

No word on what effect Urban Meyer might have had. Maybe that'll come out later.

Joe Paterno family's Freeh Report response released, claims 'rush to injustice' -

The reports, presented and summarized by Wick Sollers, managing partner of King & Spalding, a Washington, D.C. law firm, allege that the Freeh investigation was "fundamentally flawed" and relied upon flimsy evidence in reaching its conclusions.

For every point, there will be a counterpoint. Again, keep an open mind and discuss here if you like.

The OTE Interview: Gerry DiNardo of Big Ten Network, Part I - Off Tackle Empire

The BTN studio analyst pulls no punches when talking about why the B1G is getting their clock cleaned in recruiting, why the OSU-UM game should be moved to a night September game, and the early days of the Big Ten Network

You should really go read this and then fear for the future. Example:

What this has done is that it's created a nightmare for the student-athlete, but it might be easier for the NCAA because now they have less rules to enforce. I don't think they're going to cut their staff, so now (the NCAA) has a less amount of work for the same amount of people.

The NCAA is supposed to be all about the student athlete, but it seems that under Mark Emmert they've decided to just rip away the veneer and stop pretending they give a shit. It'd be one thing if they pushed a direction that would make life easier for student athletes, but instead they decided to make life easier for themselves.

And Finally....

Some article somewhere by someone mentioned Barney Cotton as the tight ends coach.OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

Welcome to your offseason. I'd really really suggest that you start to follow another Husker sport, like baseball. Or maybe you like getting sucked into rampant speculation all of the time.