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Nebraska Cornhuskers: Sunday Mailbag for 2/10/13

Eric Francis

Since my schedule doesn't always mesh with Greg and Brian's podcast recordings, I wanted to take my own opportunity to be barraged with questions. For the first edition of the Sunday Mailbag (and likely every one after it), I opened the mic to any and all queries. What hell hath I wrought? Let's find out.

I've been impressed with junior-to-be Trevor Roach and expect to see him in the middle come fall. Don't be shocked to see Michael Rose getting some time to prepare him for the future.

I don't see the team thinking that luck had much, if any reason to do with their comebacks and they're a point. The offense has nothing to apologize for as a whole, but the line still needs work. Defensively, well, you saw it.

While I'm not in attendance for every scheduled lift session, I'd like to think Husker fans will see guys who earn snaps Sunday through Friday get them come Saturday.

Hey, I understand the thrill of getting a scoop, but this just seems disrespectful to me. Yes, fans want to know the severity of an injury, but if EA Sports can get away with saying, "looks like he'll be out for a while" and fans can accept that, they can deal with it in real life situations. If it's in the game...

I realize that's not as immediately informative, but tell me the diagnosis isn't going to be on Twitter the second it's officially released.

1. Tim Miles - This could be all three, but I won't cheat. Miles has injected more enthusiasm into the men's basketball program than I've seen in a long time and rightfully so. It's clear he wants to be at Nebraska, and that's huge. It's easy to tell Miles is loving this opportunity and that attitude is what you want in a coach in any sport at any level.

2. The Roster - Miles knew he didn't have an easy season ahead of him, but despite that he coached this squad as if it was brought with him from Colorado State.

Combine it with the guys who didn't play as Miles was saving them for 2013-2014. Not only do you now have a lineup that includes superior athletes, but the bench is filled with players that know their coach believes in them.

3. Facilities/Pinnacle Bank Arena - Think about this: Nebraska basketball's facilities impressed an NBA franchise.

If the Chicago Bulls are impressed, that's good enough for me.

Nailing down the first commit without direct communication with said recruit is amazingly difficult. It's not easy to predict the answer to the second either because of the stripping of recruiting roadblocks later this year.

That said, Nebraska needs to put all of their time and energy on one in-state scholarship prospect above all others: Lincoln Southeast offensive lineman D.J. Foster. He's considered one of the best in the nation and is easily the best in-state prospect.

Lock him down then worry about the rest.

What are your thoughts on the questions posed? Leave your comments below.

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