CN Cookbook- BBQ Baked Beans

It’s easy to figure out what main course to cook for the game, but what about the side dishes? One of my favorites is baked beans. This recipe isn’t just a "dump a can of pork and beans in a pan and heat it up" recipe. This is so much better! Of course keep in mind this is a recipe that my family and friends just love. It may not be your favorite but try it and see how others like it. This is a quick recipe that goes with almost every main dish.

Ingredients: 1- Lb. Jimmy Deans Hot Pork Sausage.

2- 22oz. cans of Bush’s Grillin’ beans, Steak House Recipe.

2-15oz. cans of Ranch Style beans with Jalapenos.

2- Cups Brown Sugar, or to taste.

Brown sausage and mix with all other ingredients into a crock pot, simmer for about an hour and they’re ready to serve. Will serve 8 to 10 easily.

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