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Chongo Kondolo, JUCO Offensive Tackle, Commits To The Huskers

Nebraska snags one from Tennessee, hoping for a big weekend to finish the 2013 cycle.

The one player that Jon Johnston wanted is finally in the Nebraska fold.

Yes, his name is Chongo. Chongo Kondolo to be exact.

Rich Fischer visited the young man yesterday in Fresno, and it seems that he was earlier a Tennessee commitment, however he's been very hard to get a hold of the last week. That's why all the Nebraska assistant coaches seemed to be playing Battleship with all the BOOM tweets.

The 6'4", 290 pound Offensive Tackle from Fresno City Community College in California makes it commit number 23 for Nebraska. He will have 3 years to play 2, with one redshirt year.

Kondolo would probably be considered for movement to either Guard or Center, and would tremendously help such with depth.

This could be a pretty good weekend for commitments. With the possibility of Dwayne Johnson finally committing to Nebraska, along with current Mizzou commitment Dimarya Mixon taking a visit to Lincoln this weekend, the possibility of having a good finish for the cycle is going up and up.

Time will tell though, as there is a lot of time between now and Wednesday. However there's no doubt the coffee is being poured in North Stadium for Chongo.

How is the esteemed leader taking this?