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Cobs of the Week: Northern Illinois, Both OSU's, No "D" in SEC, Paul Finebaum, Replay Officials Everywhere

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This last weekend of the regular season was pretty light on games, so likewise, we come up a little light on the Cob nominations. And no, even though Nebrasketball started the game against cross-state rival Creighton about as badly as it could get, it doesn't qualify for a Cob nomination.

So who does get nominated? Mostly the teams that were so close to glory, and massively failed.

Northern Illinois

The Huskies started it on Friday night. Northern Illinois was 12-0 and ready to crash the BCS once again...but the Huskies crashed themselves. Trailed Bowling Green all night long, and now instead of Oranges or Tostitos, Northern Illinois gets Poinsettias instead.


Take your pick... Oklahoma State could have a Big XII Championship and a Fiesta Bowl berth. Ohio State was on a 24 game winning streak and could have had a B1G title and an chance to play for a national championship. Instead, the Cowboys get a bus ride to Dallas, and the Buckeyes head the opposite direction to Miami. (Truth be told, Miami's actually a nicer destination than Pasadena, but you'd still rather play for the crystal trophy.)

SEC Defense

The SEC used to hang it's hat on their reputation as a league of tough defenses. Well, not this year. And in the SEC championship game, Auburn and Missouri put on an offensive show that seemed more appropriate for arena football. The best stop of the game had to go to umpire Russ Pulley, who was the only guy on the field who could stop Auburn's Tre Mason.

Somewhere in New Mexico, Kevin Cosgrove is eyeballing the SEC as a place where he can finally be appreciated.

Paul Finebaum

The SEC's biggest troll didn't even wait for the game to finish before starting up.

Of course, Ohio State bailed out Finebaum later Saturday night.

Replay Officials Everywhere

Botched calls everywhere. Perhaps they thought the season ended last weekend.