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Corn Nation Live: The Story of Bo, Bowl Game Possibilities

Call in when the show goes live at 646-716-8559, and get your opinions ready to go!

David McGee/CN

We haven't been on CN Live in a couple of weeks, but tonight's a good time to get your frustrations out about this past weekend! The things we can discuss tonight are:

- The fallout of the Iowa loss

- Bo Pelini's actions before and after the game. What do you think of them?

- Shawn Eichorst comes out finally with his support. What took so long?

- Did we forget about the Seniors playing their final game at Memorial Stadium because of Bo?

- It's time to find out where Nebraska will go play their bowl game. Where should the Huskers go?

- Some people are trying to start a "Bo Pelini to Washington" movement? What's the deal there?

These topics, and much more, in a full 2 hour session of CN Live tonight. Our commentary, your calls, and a good time!

After 7pm, click on the play button or the link to join us on the BlogTalkRadio page itself!