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Randy Gregory Not Considering NFL

Mmmm.... Weasel-flavored Quarterback!
Mmmm.... Weasel-flavored Quarterback!
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In other news from the Gator Bowl, it sounds like sophomore defensive end Randy Gregory plans to return in 2014.

That's big news from the first team all-Big Ten honoree. Another guy who looks to be back next season is defensive tackle Kevin Williams, who's working out again after suffering his second torn ACL last summer.

Avery Moss and Jared Afalava aren't the only Huskers' missing from the Gator Bowl.  Also out are Richard Wynne and Ishmail Jackson.

Ishmail Jackson?  Oh, you've heard of him before.

Freshman linebacker Marcus Newby wasn't able to join the team on the bowl trip due to NCAA restrictions because of when he joined the team.

Pelini also discussed the ridiculous rumor of Nebraska pursuing Mack Brown briefly.

When I say it's "ridiculous", I'm not suggesting that Brown wasn't contacted.  I suspect he was.  I just don't believe that it was anybody with any authority or at the direction of someone at the University of Nebraska.  A renegade booster? Very possible.  Or maybe it was a hoaxer like Kenneth Tarr, who was arrested earlier this month for recording prank calls to coaches, asking them about their interest in various jobs.

Why don't I believe that someone at Nebraska pursued Brown?  Simple: Eichorst already said that Pelini would be Nebraska's coach in the future.  No way he could back down from that statement.  And frankly, would Nebraska even want a coach rejected by Texas?

It is good to know that Eichorst quickly contacted Pelini after the story broke. I still believe that Eichorst himself is still learning the ropes and now knows that he needs to make sure Pelini doesn't believe the idle speculation and rumors that float out there.