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Obviously, Bad Santa!
Obviously, Bad Santa!
Jeff Bottari

OMG, It's Christmas Eve.

It's too late, too late again this year. You'd think you see it coming, and you can do all the planning you want, but, what the hell (GASP!), a date on calendar, a set date, one that never changes, no matter where it falls in the work day, has snuck up on you.

It's a lie, mostly, you think, that it snuck up on you. You gasp, you say, "Oh! How'd it come so fast!" and yet, there it was, a set date, every single damned year, it was only you that was unprepared.


I'd love to reel off a list of who's been naughty and who's been nice, because that would be a damned good feature here. It'd be fun.

And then:

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: UNO Hockey Coach Dean Blais Suspended 3 Games for Improper Reimbursement of Jaycob Megna's Stolen Watch
Mike comments on UNO Hockey and some stupidity thereof... which is mostly NCAA stupidity. And regulations. And... ah hell. Just read it.

It's come to this - One Bronco Nation Under God

Ugh. Just ugh.

Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick suspended from a bowl because he allegedly peed off a balcony. BWWWAAAHAHAAAAA ALL THE PEE JOKES.

Reports: Florida offensive coordinator hire not coming until after January 1 - Alligator Army

Rejoice, Florida fans! You will be able to whine about the unknown instead of the known with your family this holiday season!

One of the best writers that SBNation has is Spencer Hall (and I know the link above is not to EDSBS). While it's been a joy watching Florida fail this year, watching Hall's reaction on twitter... maybe someone should make a collection (just saying), has not been particularly enjoyable to me mostly because I realize I have nothing to crow about.

Spencer doesn't much like hearing about that 1996 game, but holy shit, that's been a long time passed. If you'd bring it up amongst friends, after a while, it's like you're just being an asshole. After all, we're both passionate about our teams and such.

Steve Sarkisian says he will reach out to Ed Orgeron about returning to USC staff -
Orgeron may be holding out for a head coaching job, however.

Josh Head's post on Vine

Baylor, UCF returning more than 15,000 unsold 2014 Fiesta Bowl tickets -
Central Florida and Baylor both fell short of selling out their 17,500-ticket allotments for the Fiesta Bowl.

Bowl games a win-lose situation for college football teams - Toledo Blade

A postseason that features 35 bowl games provides little direct financial reward for success — and for Mid-American Conference schools like Toledo and Bowling Green State University, it’s often punitive. Ohio State, which generates more than $6 million of revenue for each regular-season home game, is hardly counting on the same windfall for its trip to a marquee bowl.

Didn't I do a post a little while back that all the schools made money last year from attending bowl games?

Watch Missouri football players freak out over their Cotton Bowl gifts -

Gopher Football Q&A: Perception of the Gophers around the B1G - The Daily Gopher
I asked Graham & Ted, from Off Tackled Empire, some questions about how the Gophers are perceived around the B1G following the 2013 season.

AVCA - 2013 Volleyball Final Poll.
Nebraska finishes #7, with Penn State and Wisconsin at #1 and #2.

Good times are ahead for Husker volleyball.