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Corn Flakes For Supper!!!!!

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Because you never tire of seeing Randy Gregory
Because you never tire of seeing Randy Gregory
David McGee

We've been away for awhile and now we're back again.

So it goes.

Just in time for Corn Flakes for supper! Don't tell me you've never done that! I won't believe you anymore than I wouldn't believe you've ever contemplated making jello and mixing it with peas to form a jello salad!

Consider this your open thread for the night!!!


I'll be giving away four CN t-shirts to the top four winners, although I haven't had that completely cleared through legal yet.

OT: The season of giving

This time of year is about celebration and family. However there are many people who aren't as fortunate, or are in need of a little boost.

Check this out! 247Sports has set up a donation for a Nebraska vs Georgia Food Bank Drive.

'It's all politics:' Behind the curtain for Big Ten's bowl selection -

The Big Ten provided a few glimpses into its bowl process this year. The bowl lineups will change in 2014 as part of the college football playoff. Conferences will likely have more sway in the selection process. For this last rotation of the BCS era, the bowls have the contractual right to pick a team. That's why Michigan is headed to the desert and Nebraska isn't.

Interesting glimpse into this year's bowl selections.

Photo by rickmuscles
Because you needed to see a jello mold of Nick Saban's head. Doesn't have any fruit or vegetables in it that I can see. What a waste.

Pro Style Offense for Johnny Stanton??? | Welcome to Ralph Brown Sports

This is exactly what makes him special and one of the reasons I believe Tim Beck should jettison the spread (read option) offense and turn to a pro style offense if Stanton gets the nod. I understand offensive coordinators normally don't scrap an entire offensive scheme for one player. But in this case, it would be in Beck's best interest to do so. There are so many options a quarterback with great mechanics and hidden speed can provide in a pro style offense.

I'm not sure what to say about this. We haven't even seen Stanton hit the field yet and like any quarterback in that position, he's the greatest thing ever.

Brown added this today on twitter:

So, basically he doesn't like the spread offense.

Ad Meter: Year In Sports - Best Emotional Moment
What great moments brought you closest to tears?

You know the answer to this already, but you can click on the USA Today link just to confirm it.

Iowa Hawkeyes respond to ex-WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos alleging defanation on Twitter - ESPN
Iowa responded Friday to a series of social media comments from former wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, who alleges he was defamed by coach Kirk Ferentz and plans to write a book about his experience at the school.

Stolen Target customer data is flooding the black market | The Verge

With Target already reeling from a massive hack that left up to 40 million credit and debit cards compromised, The New York Times now reports that all that data has been pouring into the black market...

Mrs CN is more than pissed off. She should be. Target couldn't have fucked this up any worse than they already have.