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Cobs of the Week: Bo Pelini, Alabama Field Goal Unit, Alabama Fans, UAB, and West Virginia

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Between his sideline tantrum and the post-game press conference, Bo Pelini looked to be a shoe-in to be this week's "Worst in College Football" winner. Then Saturday happened, and frankly, Pelini might have been outdone in terms of suckage for this week. So here are your candidates for the worst of this weekend:

Bo Pelini

He swung his hat at a referee, getting him a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct after Nebraska got flagged for a bogus pass interference against Iowa. Then, in the postgame press conference, Pelini went after the refs (calling it a "chicken (excretement)" call, Kirk Ferentz, and the local media for trying to run him out of Lincoln. He may be correct on all of it, but going off in a press conference on all of it wasn't the smart move.

Alabama Field Goal Unit

Cade Foster was having an awful game after missing three field goal attempts earlier, including one that hit one of his offensive linemen in the head. So why on earth would Nick Saban even consider trying a 57 yard field goal? OK, so he went with the backup...a freshman who had only successfully kicked a 20 yard field goal in a game. I guess when you are Saban, you think you can do anything. YOLO.

There's one problem with that idea. If a field goal attempt comes up short (which a 57 yard attempt is prone to do), it can be returned. Saban apparently forgot about that.

Gus Malzahn didn't. Field goal returns are extremely rare, but frequently successful because most of the players on the field are linemen. Not your normal punt or kickoff coverage unit.

And the rest is college football history. Move over RK3 and Jordan Westerkamp; Auburn has twice aced you out for play of the year.

Alabama Fans

Well, once the shock of Auburn scoring 13 points in the final 33 seconds of the game wore off, quite clearly someone has to pay. And in this case, it was Cade Foster, who missed the first three field goals ... any one of which would probably would have been enough to win the game. Foster tried to change his Twitter account after the game, but that didn't stop Alabama fans from unleashing their venom and threats against their kicker.


Remember Southern Miss? They went 0-12 last season. Fired Ellis Johnson, and tried again this season. Lost their first eleven games of this season. One final game, on the road at Alabama-Birmingham. And not only did Southern Miss win the game, it wasn't even close. 62-27 was the final score.

West Virginia

The Mountaineers led Iowa State by 17 points in the fourth quarter, and apparently decided to get a head start on the post-game couch burning. That was all Iowa State needed for yet another Paul Rhodes classic. Iowa State sends it overtime, where the Cyclones won 52-44 in triple overtime.