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The 2013 Pick 'Em Is Dead - LONG LIVE THE 2013 BOWL PICK 'EM

The regular season has come to an end, and that means that the 2013 College Pick 'Em game has ended.

Below (click to embiggen) is your final top ten.


This was the biggest Pick 'Em game we ever ran, and honestly, I had some big plans for it at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, right as it was about to start we were informed that the college sites were supposed to run our Pick 'Em games through I did not publicize this year's results mostly because I didn't want to upset the powers that be, but I thought it would be too much of a pain for us to move them right when the season started.

Hence, all our future Pick 'Em games will be run through, starting with this one.

To join - go here. Agree to everything. Buy some Yahoo socks or something. Then make your picks.

I've never run a pool through so this will be a new experience for me.

Prizes.... I'm considering that, but the only prizes I'm considering are CN T-shirts. You didn't know we had CN T-shirts? Gee, maybe that's because the guy in charge of this place is lousy at marketing. The reason I'm considering the t-shirts is because I can easily have them drop shipped, unlike last year's NCAA Basketball tournament winner who still hasn't received his munny because some dumbass completely forgot about it.

So... comments if you want to win a t-shirt. If you like the t-shirts, don't like the t-shirts, maybe we can design different t-shirts, but there you go.