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Corn Flakes: The Bowl Structure Is Flawed But Perpetuated

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David McGee

Let's start with these first two articles on SBNation sites:

Our Syracuse site is helping send Houston area kids to the Texas Bowl. They've succeeded in getting the ticket prices dropped to $20, and they've raised a lot of money. I mean, like a LOT of money.

Hey Syracuse Fans, Let's Send 400 Kids To The Texas Bowl (UPDATED) - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Since a lot of Orange fans can't make it to the game, let's send 400 Houston-area kids to go instead.

Okay, Let's Just Send #AllTheKids To The Texas Bowl - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

200 kids? We're way past sending 200 kids to the Texas Bowl to root on the Orange...

Not to be outdone, the University of Minnesota Alumni Association has figured out a way to get tickets donated at $25 to University of Minnesota students and to the Texas Epilepsy Foundation.

Minnesota Football: Alumni Association Also Offering Way To Donate Tickets - The Daily Gopher

And just to be thorough, there is an option at the Gator Bowl to donate tickets so that kids can go to the game. (It'd be nice if it were less than $75 given what the other options above are doing, but hey...)

I understand the idea of buying kids tickets to see a bowl game. It's a nice gesture, and it means a lot to a kid to get to a college football game. And you know the bowl organizers want people in the seats so that ESPN camera shots won't show empty stadiums. I realize what I've done here - I've blasphemed against the IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN theme used so often. It's okay if you call me a curmudgeon, that may be fitting.

Whatever you may think about the blasphemy, the gesture doesn't say much about the current bowl structure, does it?

We get why there are bowl games, so that people in cold weather places travel to warm weather places to spend their money. Unfortunately for the warm weather places, that isn't happening so much anymore, so rather than change the structure of the system and PUT THE BOWL GAMES WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE, we choose to perpetuate the system. (Besides, what about the children in cold weather places? They're not as worthy?)

Hell, I like the bowls. It's more college football. Most people would say there are too many, and the reason they continue to exist in their current format is to provide ESPN with more revenue, and a free vacation for the administrators and families of cold weather higher education administrators.

We asked for a playoff for years, and we're gonna get one, and it's going to be more of the same - cold weather teams traveling to warm weather places to play warm weather teams potentially close to their back yards.

College football won't get any less insane because of a playoff. It's just a perpetuation of an already flawed system.

Then there's all this stuff:

HOW TAMPA WON THE 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Yeah, I'm not sure how that happened either, but screw this beautiful presentation. I'm blaming Jim Delany, the only guy who could have held out for having bowls in cold weather climates. PRICK.

Glendale, Tampa to host 2016, 2017 College Football Playoff championships -
Next year, the first year of the COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF will be at Jerry World. Then Glendale will host the 2016 title game, while Tampa will have it in 2017.

Missouri and North Carolina Are Letting Fans Vote For Bowl Uniforms

Keeping fans interested between the end of the college football season and a school's bowl game can be difficult, but Missouri and North Carolina have found a way to engage their fans.

Not really for me, but I'm not a big alt-uni guy. In fact, by the end of the season, I'd come to hate them. It was to the point that it took ten minutes to figure out who was playing half the time.

I am surprised that no one came up with a Ron Burgundy-inspired uniform because it's everywhere else, and I've come to hate that too.

Just doing it: Ohio State, Nike extend $46 million, brand-building agreements - The Lantern

Everything you wanted to know about those licensing agreements from Nike. Biggest downside?

"There has to be some right to choice that the students are giving up because of the deal," said Wendy Epstein, assistant professor of law at DePaul University College of Law.

While uniforms are not a source of concern when it comes to Nike's exclusivity, because players will always be mandated to wear the same brand of jersey, issues may arise with other equipment, such as shoes, baseball bats or soccer balls.

"Maybe they (could) wear whatever shoes they want and now they're being required to wear Nike," Epstein said in a Dec. 10 interview with The Lantern.

That's it?

The 2013 All Empire Team: Offense and Kicker - Off Tackle Empire

We couldn't let awards season go much further without recognizing the best of the best. Well, at least we couldn't let things go on without breaking out the All Empire Team. Better than All-Galaxy every time.


Auburn's Malzahn wins 2013 Eddie Robinson Award -

Auburn's Gus Malzahn was named the winner of the Eddie Robinson Award given out annually by the FWAA.

Here's how I voted:

- Gary Pinkel, Missouri - Give the Tigers their due. Picked fifth in their SEC division, went to SEC title game. 
- David Cutcliff, Duke - They're Duke for crying out loud. 
- Mark Dantonio, Michigan State - Built a manageable offense over the year, best defense in the nation. 
- Jimbo Fisher, FSU - Best team in the nation, great defense. Heisman Trophy winning freshman quarterback. 
- George O' Leary, UCF - Resurrected his career, UCF is in a BCS bowl. 
- Art Briles, Baylor - Baylor no longer that surprising, are they? 
- Guz Malzahn, Auburn - Needed two miracles to get where his team is now. 
- David Shaw, Stanford - Great coach, but just not on top this list.

Ameer Abdullah cracks AP's All-America lineup -

Nebraska I-back Ameer Abdullah has followed his All-Big Ten recognition with a third-team spot on the Associated Press All-America lineup.

Probably should have made this a full article, but you can discuss here if you like.