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Saturday Open Thread

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This is your Saturday thread.

Here's what's going on today:

Husker Women's basketball plays Creighton at 11:00 am in a game on, the digital Big Ten network streaming option that requires a subscription. (I'd like to hear from anyone who uses this).

Tim Miles' team plays Arkansas State at 3:00 PM on BTN, so we can all watch that together.

The last regular season football game, Army vs Navy, takes places at 2:00 pm on CBS. I shouldn't have to tell you that this game is more than about football. If you can't feel what this game means, perhaps you should join us, or at least take a look at today's game thread and understand.

I did not serve my country in the armed forces, but many around me, my immediate family and such, have. Last night I found out that someone close to me is in in their fourth deployment to Afghanistan.

This isn't about politics, but we should recognize that there are those of us who are called to duty in much as those that are called to clergy, called to teach, and, especially close to Nebraskans, called to farm or ranch the land. There is a passion amongst such people that should not be ignored, nor made fun of, but praised because it seems like there are fewer left with each generation despite the fact that these people are in the positions that we need most.

Have a good day! And with it, give thanks that such people exist, and may each of us be blessed with the passion that they possess!