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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Needs To Re-Invent Itself With Youth

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Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't noticed, I'm taking over Corn Flakes for the time being. I want Brian to concentrate more on recruiting, and honestly, everyone I've stuck on CF for the past few years has been burned out sooner or later, and dammit, I don't want Brian burning out. He adds a lot to CN, and I don't want to lose him. He is a valuable asset.

CF takes a bit to assemble. You can tell when we're being lazy, and when we're not, but either way it's a grind. Sometimes life gets in the way.

Me, for example, certain events in life recently are requiring that I re-invent myself, again. I am 51 years old. As an IT consultant, re-invention is a constant for me. It is not as difficult for me as it is for those who do the same job repeatedly for years. My life is constant chaos and disruption, and IT requires that you either go out of style every five years or re-examine where you are periodically.... or at least it does for me. My clients depend on me staying current in technology, and not doing the same damned thing all the time.

Bottom line - they expect me to tell them what's happening out there in the world, what to expect, what to keep up with. That's some serious shit. I'm not kidding. Their businesses depend on it, and I'm not kidding about that either.

So, how's that relate to Nebraska football?

Well, there is this:

Minnesota Football: Brick by Brick Bowl Student Package - The Daily Gopher

Hats Off to The U for offering students a great deal on a trip to Houston!

You want a dichotomy? Look at how the University of Minnesota looks at its students versus the University of Nebraska. We hear about a travel agency in Nebraska canceling its package for Husker fans traveling to Jacksonville and we fret.

Is there a deal for Nebraska students going to Jacksonville? Is there even a consideration, other than "I HAVE A VISA CARD, ROAD TRIP!" Not that I've seen or heard of.

I would like to be wrong about this. I would - but I challenge any one of you to post in the comments or send me an email where someone is offering a deal to Nebraska students that's anything close to this. The adage is "Nebraska fans travel well".... well, given this offer, someone else is stepping up their game in marketing, and if a school like Nebraska doesn't match, then that adage may become obsolete.

We could spend this entire offseason talking about how "old" Nebraska football has become, but I will say this - if you want to sit around on your ass and let the Minnesota's of the world overtake you, this is how it happens. You get complacent. You get lazy. You want to ride it out. We can talk about coaching and recruiting and blame that part forever, but if you want to become a has-been, the easiest way is to keep doing what you've always been doing, and ignore the fact that it isn't working anymore.

Sooner or later, youth is going to come up and bite us in the ass because bitched at them constantly for their lack of attendance and gave them nothing in return but beatings.

And now, in no uncertain order:

Huskers Claim No. 7 on Preaseason Poll - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Huskers Claim No. 7 on Preaseason Poll

Nebraska Ranked No. 10 in Preseason Poll - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska women's gymnastics team was picked 10th in the Preseason Coaches' Poll, released today by the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches (NACGC).

Florida State Looks to Clean Up at Awards Ceremony - Tomahawk Nation

The 2013 Home Depot College Football Awards airs tonight on ESPN with Florida State and the ACC well represented.

Well, shit. You know it takes at least a year or two to get noticed for these awards, right, UNLESS YOU'RE A FRESHMAN QUARTERBACK. FUCK YOU WORLD.

/weeps silelntly

/drinks self to death

Jameis Winston's Transition Into the Starting Quarterback Role - Tomahawk Nation
Now that Jameis Winston is on his way to a landslide victory for the Heisman Trophy this weekend, it's easy to forget that just months ago, Jimbo Fisher was torn when deciding who should take the reins as his starting quarterback.

The Rise and Fall of Bubu - Black Heart Gold Pants

The Bubu cometh.

2014 Capital One Bowl: Wisconsin defense motivated after Penn State loss - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Wisconsin's defense feels like it didn't represent itself well during the team's regular-season finale against Penn State. The Badgers plan on taking advantage of one more opportunity to end the season on a high note.

Unsung Heroes of 2013: Greg Robinson - Football Study Hall
Auburn's left tackle dominated the opposition in a fashion not typically expected from left tackles.

Defensive Drive Efficiency and the BCS Bowls - Football Study Hall
A look at which BCS bowl defenses get off of the field the fastest (and most effectively).

Ohio State football: The hangover - Land-Grant Holy Land

Five days later, we're still trying to figure out how to feel about Saturday's loss.

Nice to know that five days later, they're still screwed up.

/Wisconsin scores again

/weeps silently in the bathroom where the family can't hear me (again)

/drinks self to death (again)

/magically comes back to life to continue running this damned web site

Commits To Invade Ann Arbor | mgoblog
(Team 135) Maybe four of these guys will wear that number at Michigan, but go ahead and update your NCAA dynasty anway With the regular season in the books and almost three weeks until the bowl game the upcoming weekend has turned into a commit party, with almost every committed 2014 prospect planning to be in attendance.

Next 48 hours will define Mack Brown's legacy, future of Texas football - Burnt Orange Nation
From a press conference in the morning to the Board of Regents meeting, Thursday is going to be an interesting day for Texas Longhorns football, but only the first of many.

Roundtable: The Outback Bowl - And The Valley Shook

The ATVS staff talks delves into LSU's bowl setting and opponent.

LSU vs Iowa.

Minnesota Football 2013 Season Recap: Reviewing 5 Bold Predictions - The Daily Gopher

Yes, there is one more game to be played, but at this point I think we'll be able to see where I was right and where I was wrong in my bold predictions.

Husker Mike's Blasphemy: Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Ballot
Mike and I voted a little different at least.... here's Mike's ballot for the coach of the year, the Eddie Robinson award. Mine will be up later today - JJ

Lansing columnist: Michigan State's inclusive Rose Bowl ticket decision risky, heartwarming | Detroit Free Press |

MSU received more than 30,000 requests from season ticket holders and donors for its allotment of 24,000 tickets for the Spartans' Jan. 1 game in Pasadena, Calif. The math was harsh. The expectation, even from athletic director Mark Hollis: Non-donor season ticket holders and some lower-tier contributors would be left out. Big Ten college football is big business, with small margins. Donors keep MSU's athletic department solvent, more so than than the masses. To that end, MSU is taking a risk. Hollis confirmed Thursday that every season ticket holder and donor who requested Rose Bowl tickets by Wednesday night's deadline, would get at least two.

Go read this.



Somehow I think this is how it works everywhere. And Robert Earl Keen? C'mon, man!