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Corn Flakes: The Power Conferences Must Split From The NCAA

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The major conferences must demand a change in NCAA structure to give them greater control on how they spend their money. And Ameer Abdullah - could he go to the NFL?

David McGee

Power conferences seeking more autonomy in NCAA - ESPN

NEW YORK -- The five power conferences of college sports want more flexibility in providing financial support to athletes. A major reason they lack that freedom in the first place is other NCAA members have feared widening the wealthiest programs' competitive advantage. Now NCAA president Mark Emmert and the leaders of those behemoth leagues must convince schools with fewer resources that giving the power conferences greater autonomy is in the best interest of college athletics.

This isn't really recent news... and therefore really isn't news. Before I get into that, let me say that I hate linking to ESPN's web site because of their auto-start videos. I hate things that make noise if I'm not ready for them because they can be embarrassing while at work. Having said that....

Right now you're looking at the five major conferences having a major issue with the NCAA because of one big issue - those major conferences having the freedom to pay players a stipend that could make up the different between the scholarships players are given and the actual cost of attendance. So far, the NCAA has not allowed that because the smaller schools simply can't afford it and therefore keep voting it down.

They can't continue to do that if they expect the NCAA to survive in its current form. The major conferences are making way too much money for them to continue to ignore some of that money going to help out players with their expenses.

Yesterday I posted an article about the possibility that Nick Saban could be getting paid $7M per year. That is a ridiculous amount of money when you consider the plight of the regular student-athlete. It is so ridiculous that if the NCAA or the power conferences don't do something about it, it will become a serious political issue for them.

Hence, the change is inevitable. Either the NCAA changes or the major conferences will have to leave the NCAA and form their own organization.

Expect to see much more about this in the months ahead.

And now, completely random:

My Sportsman: Nebraska fan Jack Hoffman - 2013 Sportsman of the Year - Seth Davis -

Sports Illustrated will announce its choice for 2013's Sportsman of the Year on Dec. 16. Here's one of the nominations for that honor by an SI writer.

Nice choice. Certainly a better choice than 99% of everything else.

SB Nation endorses Chris McComas for North Dakota head coach -

The right man to lead the team formerly known as the Fighting Sioux calls a lot of Hail Mary's, a lot of onside kicks, and is concerned about where he can get tacos.

This is bloody hilarious and all of you wish you had done it.

Bowling With The Big Ten: A Watchability Ranking - Maize n Brew
Your team's bowl game probably sucks. Yes, you.

NCAA audit: Every football conference made money on 2012-13 bowls |

See the 2012-13 payouts every bowl game provides conferences and each conference's total bowl payouts.

This pretty much blows up the myth about schools not making money off bowl appearances.

Why Would Saban Leave? - And The Valley Shook
The Texas job makes a lot of sense, but not as much as staying at Bama

Pat Narduzzi withdraws from UConn coaching search - The Only Colors
MSU has announced that Pat Narduzzi has withdrawn his name from the UConn coaching search. MSU DC Pat Narduzzi: "I was honored to be considered by Warde Manuel and the University of Connecticut...

Bob Diaco to be named Connecticut head coach -

The Notre Dame defensive coordinator takes the reins in Storrs.

Minnesota Basketball: The Richard Pitino Era, How Long Will It Last? - The Daily Gopher
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2014 Rose Bowl Opponent Q&A: Rule of Tree - The Only Colors

Checking in on Stanford a few weeks ahead of the game.

Abdullah: Focus is on bowl, not NFL : Latest Husker News

He does plan to submit his name to an NFL advisory board, which gives players a range of rounds where they might be drafted.

Even if he were to go, Nebraska has some pretty decent backs coming in behind him, but let's go ahead and freak out about it anyway.

I love Ameer Abdullah as much as any Husker fan could, but Abdullah is probably around a third or fourth round draft pick. He's got good speed, good moves, good vision, but he's a little under-sized, and there are a lot of other good running backs throughout the country.

Having said that, Abdullah can certainly make some money in the NFL and if his draft analysis shows that he can make enough to suit him, he should go.