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#BOOM! Terrell Clinkscales Commits To Nebraska

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The man at the top of the Nebraska Big Board says yes to coming to Lincoln

Fly the flag for a big time verbal commitment.
Fly the flag for a big time verbal commitment.
Eric Francis

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the biggest get on the defensive side of the ball for Nebraska this whole cycle so far, and probably the whole cycle.

Terrell Clinkscales, the four-star, number 1 ranked JUCO Defensive Tackle in America according to 247 Sports, took a visit to Lincoln last week and solidified his decision today.

Clinkscales, who will be coming from Dodge City Community College, is originally from Chicago, where he attended Frederick Douglass Academy High School.

Here's his Hudl highlights of this year in Dodge City (can't embed, apologies). If you wonder where he's come from since High School, here are those too.

With the two commitments of both Clinkscales and Chance Waz today, Nebraska's 2014 class got a fairly moderate boost up the 247 rankings to 36th in the FBS composite team rankings, while staying 6th in the Big Ten composite rankings. Clinkscales will have 2 years in Lincoln without any redshirt years available.

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